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Kingdom of Denmark
Kongeriget Danmark

Denmark is located in Northern Europe
and is one of the Nordic countries.



Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries. It is located south of Norway and southwest of Sweden, and is bordered to the south by Germany.

Capital: Copenhagen
Sjaelland the largest island of Denmark and the site of Copenhagen, the country's capital.

Map of Denmark

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy.
The National religion is Evangelical-Lutheran and most Danes are part of the state supported church system.

The Mermaid

The national symbol of Denmark is a statue of Andersen's Little Mermaid, which can be seen in Copenhagen.

The swan is the national bird of Denmark.


Flag of Denmark
The national flag of Denmark is known as the Dannebrog.

The name of the national flag of Denmark is the Bannebrog, meaning "the flag of the Danes"or "the red flag". The Danish flag is generally considered the oldest used national flag in the world.

The background of the flag is red with a white crose that extends to the edges of the flag. The vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side (The side of a flag next to the pole). The "Scandinavian Cross" or the "Nordic Cross" is present in all of the flags of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Legend relates that the Dannebrog fell from the sky during a battle against the Estonians on 15th of June 1219. The Dannebrog was caught by King Waldemar II before it touched the ground, and it inspired the army to victory.


There are many small animals and as many as three hundred species of birds in Denmark.


Hans Christian Andersen
Read stories(Leaping Matxh, Emperors New Suit Real Princess) play games, print color pages.


Mild windy winters and cool summers.


The country consists of a peninsular(Jutland) and numerous islands in the Baltic and North seas: Bornholm in the Baltic Sea; the two largest islands are Sjaelland (Zealand) and Fyn. The island of Bornholm is Denmark's most densely forested area. Denmark's terrain is low and flat to gently rolling plains.


Fauna and Flora
There are a variety of plants that supports small animals and as many species of birds.

Birds of Denmark


Denmark is the home of Lego.
Play LegoLand games.


Danish Recipes
Known for its Danish pastries, open sandwiches (smorrebrod) and meatballs.

Color Pages


Denmark Flag

Ariel (the little mermaid)


Danish Heart Basket
Woven Heart Basket
For Christmas Danish children create paper heart baskets.
It might appear a little complicated at first, but if you follow the directions carefully, you can do it! Once you have made the basket it will seem easy.


Denmark Flag Puzzle


The Vikings came from three countries of Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Learn more about the Vikings with Thorkel.


Tour of Denmark with Danish paper doll Lena
The paper doll Lena will take you on a sight seeing tour in her home town Silkeborg. On the way you can pick up her outfits and learn about Denmark, and Silkeborg.

Kronborg Castle in Helsingør
This castle was built in the 1400s. Known throughout much of the world as Hamlet's Castle.

Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød
Danish kings were crowned at the castle from 1660 to 1840. The castle now houses a numeum of natural history.ø

Rosenborg Castle
The castle was the summer residence of King Christin IV.
It is home to the Crown Jewels of Denmark.

Amalienborg Palace
This palace is the palace where the Royal Family lives most of the year.

The oldest amusement park in the world.


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