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Puerto Rico

Commonwealth of
Puerto Rico

Things to Know

Puerto Rico is located about 1,000 miles southeast of Florida, a part of the West Indies in the north Caribbean Sea. It is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States.

Capital: San Juan

 Map of Puerto Rico

Official Languages: Spanish, English

Currency: U.S. dollar

Puerto Rico's native people
Taíno Indians
Hear phrases in Taino

Puerto Rico Flag


Puerto Rico has no large wild mammals. The mongoose was brought in to control rats on sugarcane plantations. Iguanas and many small lizards abound, bats are present, as are a few snakes .

The island has one animal found almost nowhere else in the world—the coquí , a small tree frog. Puerto Rico has some insects including mole crickets and termites that damage buildings and crops. Barracuda, kingfish, crabs , mullet, Spanish mackerel , tuna, sharks, snappers, lobster, and oysters are among the marine life inhabiting coastal waters.


Tropical climate with tropical wet and dry climates.
There is little difference from season to season.


Puerto Rico is a mountainous tropical island; sixty percent of
Puerto Rico is covered in mountains.


Most of tropical forests in Puerto Rico are gone. El Yunque Peak is the Caribbean National Forest. These 28,000 acres are all that remain of the rain forest that once covered much of the island

There are several thousand varieties of tropical plants that grow in Puerto Rico; poinciana, flaming red blooms, and huge kapok trees .

Crops: sugarcane , coffee , pineapples, plantains, bananas


Puerto Rican Music
Listen to excerpts of Puerto Rican music at National Geographic.

Fun Facts

Roberto Clemente
The first Hispanic to enter the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Color Pages

Taino color page

Puerto Rican Symbols:

Flag of Puerto Rico
The star on the Puerto Rican flag symbolizes the nation's people. Puerto Rico Flag Printout
Bird- Stripe-Headed Tanager
Flower- Hibiscus



Crafts- Puerto Rico Section
A variety of crafts to print and do.

Taínos of Puerto Rico
Crafts to make.
This site also contains lesson plans and


Puerto Rican Recipes


Tour through Puerto Rico's most spectacular sites.


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