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Autumn Alphabet Letter Color Pages
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Fall Alphabet Cover  
Aa is for Apple Bb is for brown
Cc is for cider Dd is for dew
Ee is for eggplant Ff is for falling leaves
Gg is for geese Hh is for haystack
Ii is for insects in the house Jj is for jack-o-lantern
Kk is for kicking footballs Ll is for leaves

Mm is for maple syrup Nn is for nuts
Oo is for october Pp is for pumpkins
Qq is for quacking Rr is for rake
Ss is for scarecrow Tt is for turkey
Uu is for under leaves Vv is for vegetables
Ww is for windy Xx is for fall equinoX
Yy is for yellow moon Zz is for zucchini

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