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*Black History Month

George Washington Carver
Coloring and activity book from USDA

Black History Month color page
Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr.

Handprint - Dove (Unity) Wreath
Make a handprint wreath of different skin tones.

Mankala Counting Game
African counting game made from a egg carton.

*Superbowl Sunday

Art Activity: Your Football Team!!!
You are the proud owner of a football team. You will need to:
Make up a name for your football team.
Name a city they are from.
Choose your teams colors.
Choose a mascot for your team.
Design a pennant for your team.
Design a helmet for your team.
Football hemet pattern

*Dental Health Week


Dental Floss Painting

Thin tempera paint. Spoon small amounts of paint onto construction paper. Children move the dental floss through the paint to make a design.


Art Easel

Paint with toothbrushes. Paint on tooth-shaped easel paper.

Water Table

Add peppermint extract to the water in your water table.


Making Toothpaste

For each child in a plastic baggie, place 4 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon water. Add a drop of food flavoring extract such as peppermint, mint, or orange. The children can mix their own toothpaste.

*Other Sites

Sparkles the Tooth Brush Turtle brushing chart (color)
Brushing and flossing chart (b/w)

Lesson for grades K-3. Kids section with games, stories,
video, printable activities.

Shape-book Tooth
with lines withoutlines

*Get a Different Name Day

On this day a person may change his/her name to whatever he/she wishes and have the right to expect family and friends to address the person by their new name.

Have children decide on his/her new name. Children can decorate name tags with their new name on the tags.

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