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The Continents:

Continent Story
A story to help younger children remember the continents.

North America married South America and they went away to a small private continent named Europe for their honeymoon. When they returned, they had 4 children and each child's (continent) name started with the letter A. The biggest child (continent) has the smallest name.. Asia. Africa looks like a backwards F. The last 2 are Antarctica and Australia.


Row through the Oceans
(tune of Row,row, row your boat)

Row, row, row your boat
Gently through the oceans
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic
And Southern Oceans are so deep!

Off to see the Continents
(tune of "We're off to see the wizard" from the Wizard of Oz)

We're off to see the continents
the continents of the world.
There's Africa, Antarctica, North and
South America.
There's Europe, Australia, and don't
forget about Asia.
We're off to see the continents,
the continents of the world.

*Things to Do

Look! You're Wearing Geography
Grades 5 - 10 (or with modifications, grades at any level)

This activity can be used to reinforce the concept of global interdependence.

Children will find that geography is all around them when they participate in this activity. Look! You're Wearing Geography has children checking the tags on their clothing, shoes, and accessories to find where they were made. Children then label a map were their clothes and other items were made.

*Lesson Plans

Map Adventures Teacher Guide (K-3)

Students will learn basic concepts for visualizing objects from different perspectives and how to understand and use maps.

The lessons center on a story about a little girl named Nikki. Nikki goes up in an unplanned balloon ride that gives her, and the students, different views of a park.

Included in this package are: Seven lesson plans, A picture of a hot-air balloon, Two activity sheets, 15 reproducible black-and-white sections of a park map that can be made into a poster

*Stories to Read

The Story of The Young Map Colorer

The young map colorer must decide how many colors to use
on her map. After the story, there are practice designs to print out so you can try coloring the maps. Don't miss the "But what does this have to do with math?" page.


Flag Tag

How well do you know your flags?

There will be a country name and three flags. You have to match the right flag by 'tagging' it with your mouse.


Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes of All Nations

Learn the nursery rhymes and songs that children have grown up with all over the planet by paying a visit to Mama Lisa. Just click on a continent or a country name, and explore. This site contains music samples and lyrics.

*Other Sites

CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook includes information on every country in the world.


Mega Maps
Requirements: Win3.1 or Win95 with a Laser, Inkjet or Dot Matrix printer. Size 290KB. Free. Age 8+

Print Maps Big or Small
1 Page to Almost 7 Feet Across
U.S. Maps · World Map

Print out big maps for children. Large maps to learn geography, to color for fun. An educational activity for learning the states. Print maps 1 page to over 70 inches across. Great for classrooms and homeschool. U.S. and World maps.

Geography Tutors
Requirements: Win3.1: 314 KB Win 95/98: 433 KB. Free. Age 8+

Choose African, European, or USA. Each study tutor has a study mode ("Explore Africa"), and two types of quiz to test your knowledge.


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