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*Hawaiian Luau


Story of Hawaii Coloring Book
(Dover History Coloring Book)

A is for Aloha: A Hawai'i Alphabet


Adults and children should wear beach attire or dress in bold and bright colored clothing. To set the mood play water/ocean sounds as a background or Beach Boys music.


Hula Skirt
Need: strips of newspaper or computer paper (1/4" wide), 1" wide masking tape, scissors

Have the children cut strips of used paper. Measure the children's waist with a tape measure. Then measure that amount of masking tape, plus six inches. Lay the tape on the floor or on a long table sticky side up. Lay one end of the paper strips on the tape. Place the strips next to each other to form the skirt. Make the strips close together and even overlap. When the tape is full of paper strips, lay another piece of tape on top of the first one and press to make the waistband. Make sure to leave about three inches at each end, for fastening the skirts.

Need: heavy thread or yarn. plastic needle or tape end of yarn, paper for flowers

The lei is a special way to say hello or good bye in Hawaii. Have the children cut paper flowers from tissue or crepe paper. Twist the bottom of the flower and string it onto the threaded string. Continue until the string will slip over the child's head. Tie a knot and wear it.

Sand sculptures

Layer colored sand (or salt) in a bottle.



In the sand form a 6 inch mound around a pop bottle (20oz). Pour 1/3 cup vinegar into the bottle. Add 1/2 cup or less baking soda. Can add red food coloring to resemble lava. Get ready for an eruption!


Goldfish crackers and pineapple juice.

Banana Boats
Need: 1 banana per child, ice cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Slit banana open lengthwise. Put ice cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips in slit. Can add whip cream to top. Eat with a spoon straight out of the skin(boat). Enjoy!

Apple Volcanoes
Need: apple, peanut butter, raisins

Cut off top of apple. Using spoon, scoop out the apple core.
Fill the apple with peanut butter and top with raisins. If this is to be eaten later, brush apple edges with lemon juice to prevent browning and wrap in foil.

*Other Sites

Hula Dancer Puppet
Print, color, and assemble.

Aloha Shirt Origami

*Western Day

On this day children and staff can wear jeans, hats, boots, neckerchiefs, etc. NO GUNS! Play some favorite children's country western music.

*Room Decorations

Wilderness Motif--leaves, branches; pinecones, stuffed animals (bears, skunks, raccoons, etc...)

Buck Howdy
Buck Howdy

Click here to visit the
Buck Howdy website.

Click GIDDYUP! to Order

Buck Howdy

Saddle up for a corral full of cowboy tunes. GIDDYUP! is an engaging mix of Western and bluegrass style fun for all ages.

Featured guests: Laurie Berkner and Trout Fishing in America.

Buck Howdy hosts Cow Pie Radio , which airs on XM Satellite radio and on dozens of local stations.


Rope Frame

Give each child a: 10x12-inch piece of cardboard and 4 feet of thin rope or twine. Have the children glue their rope pieces around the edges of their cardboard sheets to make rope frames. Then let them glue pieces of their own artwork inside the frames.

Tin Punching

Using a rock or a block as a hammer, hit a nail and children can tin punch a design into a tin can or frozen orange juice lid.

Build A Covered Wagon

Paper covered wagon and covered wagon horse


Gold Rush

Spray paint small pebbles with gold paint. Bury in sand area outside. Sift sand with strainer to find "gold". Prize for the biggest and smallest nuggets. You will be surprised how long they can dig for "gold".

Roping Contest

Form rope lasso. Set up large stuffed animals on a chair or milk crate to be "roped". For younger children hoola hoops can be used instead of rope.


Children can eat on aluminum pie plates.

Trail Mix
Need: brown paper lunch sacks, trail mix( mini pretzels mini marshmallows, raisins, little toasted breads, chex cereal, etc...

Children decorate their "saddle bags" (brown lunch bags). Then have the children go to the table to pick and choose what they would like to put into their trail mix. Could eat the snack on the floor or outside around a fake campfire.

Teepee Cones
Make a teepee snack using Sugar cones, Chocolate icing, Coconut, dyed green, Pretzel sticks, and Gel icing.

*Color Pages

Ranch color page

Backyardigan coloring pages

Western color page


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