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Soccer Ball

Give the children a white construction paper circle and black paint. They can paint the white circle with black paint to look like a soccer ball.

Soccer Balls
Need: white and black construction paper

Cut out a circle from the white paper and cut out squares from the black paper. Have child glue the squares on the circle to look like a soccer ball
Contributed By: Celina

*Learning Centers


Cut easel paper in various sports equipment shapes:
baseball glove, baseball diamond, tennis racket, tennis shoes, football, baseball cap, football helmet, all different shapes of balls.


Add water to the sensory table with dolls or small people figures.

Weighing Balls 1

On the science table next to the balance scale add a container of small balls, such as golf balls, styrofoam balls, wiffle balls, and tennis balls.

Weighing Balls 2

Fill the sensory table with small balls, such as golf balls, styrofoam balls, wiffle balls, or tennis balls. Add a balance scale so that the children can weigh the balls.


Ball Sort

Sort various balls by size, texture, and color.


Team Shirt Day

On team shirt day have all of your children wear their favorite team shirt to school.


Baseball word find from Byr Back Manor


Football Bead Pattern-Make a football shaped zipper pull.

Quarterback cut-outs and color action figures from funorama


Soccer Player color page


Tennis player color page



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