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Art Safari
An adventure in looking and learning for children and adults. You can submit your pictures and stories and revisit your own work in the section called Find Your Submissions.

Inside Art
An online game which explores a painting from the inside out. During an art museum tour, you're sucked into a vortex and find yourself inside a mystery painting. Your only hope of escape is to answer the questions "Who?/What?/Where?/How?" Age 9+

Other art adventure, A. Pintura: Art Detective.
Art history disguised as a noir mystery. Age 9+


Peace Corps Kids World.
Join Traveler, as she explores the globe and learns about making a difference. Come on in to the home of adventure and service -- Peace Corps Kids World!

WebRangers-National Park Service
Go on a scavenger hunt, play activities, track your progress, and much more.


Earth Adventures With Maggie
Fun activities that will take you all over the globe and you will learn about environmental issues.

My Body
Take an interactive trip through the body! Learn and be amazed on how your ears hear, how many bones, etc.

NSA/CSS Kids' Page: Puzzle Solvers at Cryptic Manor
Join Crypto Cat to solve puzzles, codes, and ciphers.

The Heart: An Online Exploration
Explore the heart. Discover the complexities of its development and structure.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
You can interactively dissect a (digitized) frog named Fluffy, make movies, and play the Virtual Frog Builder Game. The interactive Web pages are available in a number of languages.

4H Virtual Farm
Online tours of wheat, dairy, fish, beef, and poultry farms.


The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Explore all the scientific mysteries of UFO's, dinosaurs, Loch Ness, Pyramids, etc. Contains a Children's Reading Room (Stories and Fun for ages 3 to 9).

Dinosaurs in Hawaii!
HCC is providing Hawaii's students and interested community groups with an exciting look at the prehistoric natural history of the world by displaying the fossils of some of the largest terrestrial creatures that ever lived. Knowledgeable docents can give presentations geared to different age levels.


Meet Me At The Corner
Virtual Field Trips For Kids By Kids.


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