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There are 54 independent countries on the continent of Africa. Map of Africa


Home to the largest mammals known to man and an amazing abundance of wildlife.

Creature Feature: African Elephants

Creature World: Africa
The Cheetah Spot

African Lion
Nile Crocodile


Mary Kingsley (1862-1900) The greatest of all women explorers.

Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890)

Dr. David Livingstone
(1813-1873) Explored the interior of Africa.

John Speke (1827 - 1864)
Discovered Lake Victoria the largest source of the Nile River.

Isabelle Eberhardt
(1877-1904) was an explorer who lived and traveled extensively in North Africa.


Much of Africa has a tropical or desert climate. Africa has the largest tropical area of any continent. The equator runs through the middle of Africa, and about 90 % of the continent lies within the tropics.


Africa is a land of enormous mountains, tropical rainforests,
grassy savannas, three large deserts, and the world's longest river.

From the 1955 nature documentary The African Lion.

Walt Disney Legacy Collection - True Life Adventures, Vol. 3

Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures awakened viewers to the wonders of the natural world. Disney began the series in 1946 with Seal Island, and the six features and seven featurettes won eight Academy Awards.

One winner was Bear Country (1953), which is included in Creatures of the Wild, along with The African Lion (1955), Jungle Cat (1959) and The Olympic Elk (1952).


Africa is home to three deserts:

The Sahara, in the north, is the largest desert in the world.
The Kalahari, in southern Africa, is a cold rocky desert.
The Namib, in southwest Africa, is one of the hottest, driest places on earth,

The most mountainous region in Africa is on the eastern coast in the Great Rift Valley stretching from Mozambique to Israel. Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain peak in Africa, is a volcano that is no longer active. Kilimanjaro is located on the border of Kenya and Tanzania near the equator, but is so high that its peak is always covered with snow.

The Great Rift Valley of East Africa is a 6,000-mile crack (fissure) in the earth's crust, stretching from Jordan to Mozambique.

Many lakes have formed in the Great Rift Valley. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Victoria is a source of the Nile, the world's longest river.

Rainforests in Africa today are limited to the Western coast and only reach as far inland as eastern Zaire.

Congo Trek: A Journey Through The Heart Of Central Africa
Follow acclaimed biologist and conservationist, Michael Fay, as he journeys 1,200 miles through the Congo to chronicle life in the African rainforest.

North and south of the rainforest are savannas, areas with tall grasses and scattered trees and bushes. The savanna is home to large grazing animals: elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, and zebras.


South African Plants


The Lion King
Games & Wallpaper

National Geographic Crittercam-African Adventure

The Quest Of The Magic Calabash Treasure Hunt!
I have a secret map that will guide us through Africa and to untold riches.

Match the Tracks
Match the tracks of African animals

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Africa Puzzle (map)


Swahili Folktale
Read about Prince Sadaka and help him complete three tests.


Coloring Mural

Make a mask (rabbit, bird, antelope, hunter)

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African Elephants



Color Simba


Africa coloring book (animals)

Fun Facts

There are over 1000 languages in Africa.


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National Geographic Africa Elephant Wallpaper.

Africa Screensaver for Windows and Macintosh.



Virtual Congo: Search a lifelike 360° image for animals and objects, then click for videos and stories.

Crown of Africa: Unlocking the Secrets of Kilimanjaro


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