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Hiding Bunnies

Bunnies hiding in the grass is an easy project. On drawing paper, have children make a few strokes with a green crayon for grass and several dots of glue atop which the children then place cotton balls on. Count together how many bunnies are hiding in each child's picture.

Egg Patterns

Cut out an egg shape from white paper. It needs to be symmetrical.. Fold in half lengthwise (tall and skinny). Have one student decorate with colorful collage materials or patterns and designs. Then, have them trade with another student. The second student opens the egg and continues the started pattern.

Learning Areas

Dramatic Play

Flower Shop
Plan a flower shop for the dramatic play area. Include spring plants, baskets, and Easter lilies. Use plastic/silk flowers.

Sensory Table

Add to the sensory table:

Cotton balls with scoops and measuring cups.
Birdseed or beans.
Straw or hay and plastic eggs.
Plastic chicks and ducks with water.
Dirt with plastic flowers and/or leaves.
Dyed, scented water and water toys.

Science Area

Add to your science table:
bird nest, empty bird eggs, different kinds of baskets, newly planted seeds, flowers still in bud (children can watch them open), pussy willows.


Bunny Food
Carrot sticks, celery, and lettuce can be available for snack with juice.

Easter Desktop Wallpaper
1024 x 768 or 1600 x 900
Easter desktop wallpaper courtesey
of Wallpapers by Breezy


For a safe inexpensive easter grass shred colored construction paper through the office shredder! Much safer if put in mouths.
Contributed By: Jillian P

Easter Desktop Wallpaper
1024 x 768 or 1600 x 900
Easter desktop wallpaper courtesey
of Wallpapers by Breezy

Things to Do


Veggie Tales Easter Color PagesVeggie Tales Easter Color Pages




Family Fun Easter Activity Collection (pdf)
Easter Recipes, Crafts, and Games




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