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Italian Republic
Repubblica Italiana

A democratic republic

Capital: Rome which is often called 'Eternal City'.

Italy is in Southern Europe, and consist of a peninsula
shaped like a boot that extends into the central
Mediterranean Sea. Also part of Italy are the islands
of Sicily, Sardinia, and Elba.

Map of Italy

Flag of Italy

Rome, Italy

Italy is a fairly fertile area and people have lived
there for a long time. Rome is the capital of Italy
and known as the Eternal City.

Rome was the capital of the ancient world. The Roman
Empire was massive extending from England to Germany,
and from Turkey to Iraq and northern Africa.

" All roads lead to Rome " is a famous saying that was
true in ancient times.

Rome is built on seven hills east of the Tiber river .
The original city is said to have been built
in 753 BCE and was built on the Palatine Hill.

There are many world famous buildings in Rome: the Colosseum ,
Forum Romanum , Arch of Septimus Severus , Arch of Titus ,
Via Sacra , Trevi Fountain .

Vatican City is located in Rome, Italy. Vatican City is not part of Italy, it is an independent country. The Pope who is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and he lives in the Vatican City.


Predominantly Mediterranean; Alpine in far north which is cold in
the winter and hot in the summer ; hot, dry in south.


Italy is mostly rugged and mountainous with the Alps in northern Italy and the Apennine Mountains stretching from the north to the south of Italy along its east coast. There are some plains and coastal lowlands in Italy.


Italy has a variety of industries : clothes, shoes and furniture designers; auto, computer and electronic equipment manufacturing; and tourism.

Italy is famous for its olive oil , grapes, tomatoes, and cheeses. Olive trees grow on the mountainsides in southern Italy. Grapes are used to make wine as Italy is one of the largest wine producers in the world. Italian cheeses like parmesan and mozzarella are also popular around the world.

Renaissance Artist

Renaissance -Between 1300 and 1600 Europe was transformed.
It was a time of artistic and cultural innovation
PBS Overview- The Renaissance .

Exploring Leonardo

Michelangelo Buonarroti


Italian ABC's For Children
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The Adventures of Pinocchio
by Carlo Collodi


Pizza Game

Ancient Rome

If you want to explore more of the history of Rome and
ancient Romans below are some links.

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Color Pages, Marionette Craft Page, and more Activity Pages.

Italian Art and Artists color pages

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Pinocchio color pages

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Colosseum Rome

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Bridge of the Angels in Rome



Michelangelo's David

Wallpapers & Screensavers

Wallpaper - Italy

Screensaver of Virtual Rome


Easy, authentic Italian recipes.


Time For Kids
Tour Italy's most amazing places.

Leonardo’s Inventor's Workshop


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