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Color Houses
Need: Felt pieces- 6 different colors, brown felt

Cut the six different felt pieces into houses- about 4-6 inches big (big enough to hide a mouse under). Cut the brown felt into a mouse. Using a felt board hide the mouse under a colored house without the children seeing and have them guess the color the mouse is under. Have them say the names of the colors. Contributed by: Natasha

A mouse shape is half a heart shape with a circle for an ear and a thin piece of felt for a tail.

Shaving Cream
Need: shaving cream, food coloring, smocks

Pour a pile of shaving cream in front of each child then add food coloring according to the color you are working on that day.
Have the children explore. Contributed By: Angela

Jack the cuddly dog dvd

Jack the Cuddly Dog
Colors and Shapes DVD

For Baby's Heart and Mind
Ages: 6 months to 2 years

Click here to visit
Jack The Cuddly Dog website


An educational video about Jack a curious puppy who lives in New York's Central Park. Jack explores shapes, colors and beautiful images of nature.

The video is at baby-speed with soothing classical music selections by Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms and Mendelssohn arranged for children and played on a real piano by a concert pianist. A delightful video that educates, entertains, and soothes.






I like red,
The color makes me merry!
It's the color of an apple
And the color of a cherry.

*Red Week

Set up a color table with red objects brought from home. Use red paint, crayons, and red scraps of materials for a collage. Have a red day? Everyone wear red. Have cranberry juice, strawberry jello for snacks. Wear red shapes cut out of construction paper, pinned on clothes.




I like yellow
It's the special one!
It's the color of bananas,
And the color of the sun.



Wearing Colors

If you have on red- touch your head
If you have on blue- touch your shoe
If you have on green- make a face that's mean
If you have on yellow- say "Hello"
If you have on orange- say "Good-bye"
If you have on brown- turn around
If you have on black- make your hands go smack
If you have on purple- pop up!

A Song of Colors
tune: Mary had a little lamb

Susan wore a yellow shirt, yellow shirt, yellow shirt,
Susan wore a yellow shirt to school today.

Form a circle and have each child come to the center as you the child's name and what he/she is wearing


Color Book

Do one page for each color you work with. On each page, have children draw a line or a picture with a crayon of the color, glue a piece of material or yarn of the color. Cut out objects of different shapes and the color you are working on. Have the children pick out and glue the pictures onto the color page.

Save each page, and when there are several compile them into a book. Punch out holes and fasten the book together by tying rainbow ribbon or yarn through the holes.


Ribbon Color Game

Place a variety of single-colored ribbons in a basket. Let each child select a ribbon. Help the children look around the room for objects that are the same color as their ribbons. When they find a matching object, have the children place their object and their ribbon by the basket.


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