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Kindness Coupons
by Jodi Jill

Ever find yourself caught up in work and never find time to get the chance to really do what you want? This can happen to anybody in our society. That is why finding ways to let people know how much you care is so important, especially for the kids.

One way I make special moments isn’t always when I am sitting with the kids at the dinner table listening about school and friends. I hope to have many of those too, but I like to surprise them with my kindness coupons. Placing the coupons in the school lunch bags or under their pillow brightens their day and we all have an event to plan on.

To back up a minute, let me tell you about my kindness coupons. These coupons are made on the computer and they look like the coupons you would use in the grocery store, only these are more valuable and I like to decorate mine with smiley faces. Picking particular times and events I fill out the coupon with a ‘surprise’ my treat. Now to take part in the surprise the coupon holder must redeem it at the right time and place.

A perfect example is the coupons I made for a round of miniature golf we played only a few weeks ago. Just before bed time I placed a coupon, redeemable for a family outing that would include pop and pizza, under the pillows of the kids. When they found them, they came running out with excitement and joy.

Kindness coupons can be redeemed for other reasons too. Like I got a free coupon for a free hug – payable upon request, which I am hanging on for a perfect time and place of redemption. Another coupon that was given to me was for free dishwashing on a weeknight. Of course the emotional value of these coupons far exceed the actual action, but they seem to keep the family close together.

]The coupons could be as simple as a promise written on a notepad or as elaborate as a color copy, but it really doesn’t matter. As the world does continue to rush on, you and your family will have the chance to be close together enjoying each other’s company.

About the Author

Ms. Jill is a retired literary agent. She is actively involved in the national Quit Whining and Read! Literacy Program . She hopes to share her love and experience with the written word to others.

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