A Parent's Job Is Like A Lighthouse

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A Parent's Job Is Like A Lighthouse
by Derek Randel

How is a parent’s job like a lighthouse?

First, let’s reflect on the characteristics of a lighthouse. It is made of brick and mortar meaning it is very strong. It stands tall day and night without bending or hesitating. It has a bright light on top of its shoulders.

Second, what is the purpose of a lighthouse? It shines the path for the ships that are traveling through the water. A lighthouse reveals to the ships the shoreline. For a ship, that is the difference between sailing on, or becoming ship-wrecked.

How is a parent’s job like a lighthouse?

We are our children’s bright light guiding them through stormy times. We need to stand tall without bending. This is accomplished through “modeling”, making good decisions for one self (avoid arguing, yelling and caving in to your child’s demands).

As a lighthouse aids ships, these are the characteristics each parent could strive for. Shine your light to guide your children on a safe journey through the storms. Does a lighthouse bail ships out? Does a lighthouse protect ships from learning a lesson? Does the lighthouse keep ships from making a mistake and learning from their mistake? A lighthouse does not do any of the above. It is wise to model the lighthouse.

Our children will learn a great lesson if we guide them instead of protecting them. Mistakes are the gateway to growing. Remember one of our goals should be to prepare them for the real world; not protect them form the real world.

As a parent, as much as we hope to always protect our children. In the long run, it will hamper our children. It can be a costly mistake to prevent our children from learning, from their own experience.

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Derek Randel speaks to corporations, schools and parent groups on how to put the fun back into parenting. Visit his web site for more details--Parent Smart from the Heart - Randel Consulting.

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