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Human Body

The Virtual Body (upper elementary)
Interactive 3-D presentation of human anatomy and physiology.


Dry Bones (or Skeleton Bones)
Lyrics and music

Newton's Apple explains how bones get strong.
Student activities included.

Broken Bones
Newton's Apple explains the funtion of bones and what happens
when a bone breaks. Student activites included. Broken Bones--Watch a video clip

Foss Human Body-Game
Can you put the skelton back together?


Neuroscience for Kids

Lesson plans for learning about the brain. Have fun making a model of the brain. Or create a portable brain model by putting two fists together. Two fists together are about the size of an individual's brain!
Also includes printable worksheets and lessons.

The Human Brain
All about the brain.



Prints Available at AllPosters

Human Body
Human Body
Buy this Art Print at

Heartbeat Lesson

Learn about the first stethoscope and do a simple activity using a cardboard tube.

The Heart Lessons from the Science Museum of Minnesota.


How Much Air Do Your Lungs Hold?
Need: A large plastic bottle that holds 7 or 9 pints (4 or 5 liters) of water, plastic tubing 2 feet (60cm) long, ruler, rubber bands, bowl.

Put the bowl in the sink and fill it about one third full of water. Fill the bottle to the top with water. Place your hand over the top of the bottle. Quickly turn the bottle upside down and put the top under the surface of the water in the bowl. Ask someone to hold the bottle steady and take your hand away.

Fix a ruler to the side of the bottle with rubber bands or mark a scale on some paper and sitck it onto the bottle. Put the tube in the neck of the bottle. Take a deep breath, hold your nose and blow hard down the tube. How much water can you blow out in one go? This will give you some idea how much air is in your lungs.


Skin accounts for about 15% of a persons body weight.

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