Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear,What Do You See? Activities

Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear,What Do You See?
by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle


Brown Bear

Give each child a small cup of brown fingerpaint and a bear pattern. Have the children fingerpaint their bear patterns brown.

Coffee Brown Bear

Give each child a bear shape and let them cover it with glue and then shake onto it coffee grounds.
Used coffed grounds can be used. Dry used coffee grounds in a box.

Brown Bear shape to print.

Red Bird

Feather paint on a bird shape with red paint. Can use sponges cut in a shape of a feather to paint with.

Red Bird shape to print.

Sparkly Gold Fish

Have children decorate a fish pattern with glitter and sequins.

Make a display on a bulletin board by covering it with blue paper, cut and place wave shapes on the blue paper then add fish and seaweed shapes that the children make.

Goldfish shape to print.

Group Time

Brown Bear
Red Bird
Yellow Duck
Blue Horse

Green frog
Purple cat
White dog
Black sheep

Group of children

Animal Movements

Have the chidren pretend and move around the room like the animals in the story: Fly like a bird, Crawl like a dog, Pound feet and stomp around like a bear, Swim like a fish, Gallop like a horse, Quack like a duck.

Color Hunt

Give story cards to small groups of children or individual children. Give each group a pad of paper (3 pages) and a crayon the color of their story card. Have the children go on a color hunt. Each group is to find three things in the room that is the color of their story card. When the object is found the children are to draw the found object on one of the pages of their color hunt pads.

The children can also write the name or pretend to write the name of the object under the pictures. Call the children back to the circle and each group may then share what they found.

Brown Bear Tour

Before children arrive hide pictures of all the animals in the story around the school (cafeteria, office, bathroom, music room, ect...). After reading the story tell the children that the animals from the story came to visit the school only they are hiding and everyone has to help find them.

Retell the story as you walk around the building finding each animal. As you find each animal introduce the children to the area and the people in that area.

If possible when each story card is found take a picture of the children in that area with the story card. Place the pictures in your room or make a big book of the pictures for the class.

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