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We are All Clowns Today
Tune: Farmer in the Dell

We are all clowns today,
We are all clowns today,
Hi ho the derry o
We are all clowns today!

Silly Clowns 

Five silly clowns, jumping all around,
Jump so high, then touch the ground.
One silly clown said, "I can't stay,"
So he turned around and hopped away.

Repeat with four, three, two, one.

Five Circus Elephants

Five circus elephants waiting near the door.
One jumps through a hoop.
And now there are four.

Four circus elephants looking up to see.
One walks around the ring,
And now there are three.

Three circus elephants waiting for their cue.
One dances to a song.
And now there are two.

Two circus elephants looking for some fun.
One bounced a yellow ball,
And now there is one.

One circus elephant standing all alone.
He waved his trunk to say goodbye,
And slowly walked on home.


Clown Ruffle Collar
Need: coffee filters and food coloring

It juts out of southern Europe into the Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, and other waters.

Have children color the coffee filters by dipping them into colored water. Lay flat to dry. When dry fold the coffee filters in half and tape them together in a line. Wonderful clown collar for a child to wear.

Circus Clown
Need: Paper Plate, scrap pieces/collage material

Set the scrap pieces and collage material in bowls or paper plates on the table. Give each child a paper plate and let them glue collage materials onto the paper plates to create a clown.

Creating Clowns

Cut shapes (circles, triangles, rectangles,etc) out of construction paper in a variety of colors and sizes. Have the children glue the shapes on pieces of construction paper to create clown faces.

Colered Cotton Balls

Cover about 3/4 of the roll. To color cotton balls place in a baggie with powered tempera paint and shake. Use colored cotton balls for the clown's hair in clown collages. Can also make "cotton candy" art. Start at the top of a empty paper towel roll and glue on pink or blue cotton balls.

Learning Centers

Circus Clown
Need: construction paper, laminate sheets, magnets, patterns or simple drawings

Make a large face on white construction paper, laminate, and add magnet to back. Next draw simple, but not too small nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hat, ruffle, bow, flower, etc. Copy these to different colors of construction paper or print the "Make A Clown Face" using different colors of paper.

Make A Clown Face

Cut, (can have older children help) laminate, add magnets to backs of these as well. When magnet glue is dry, hang these items on frig or magnet board.

Allow the children to take turns creating their own clown, take apart, then starting over again. (Kind of like a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, but a clown.) The kids love it and it is really good for teaching colors, parts of face, emotions, and occupies while waiting to go to the restroom or a turn at the clay table. If you try using sheet magnets, instead of the smaller, even toddlers can enjoy this as well.
Contributed by: Shelley


Go to rummage sales, Salvation Army, and Goodwill, and pick up old bathing suits, sparkly clothes, boas. They make terrific outfits for the TIGHT ROPE WALKERS to wear as they cross the balance beam!
Contributed By: Laura

Group Time

Draw A Clown

Give each child 1 crayon and a sheet of white paper. Then have the children draw what you say: Display the children's clowns.

Draw a circle round and big.
Add a few hairs as a wig.
Make a circle for a nose.
Now a smile, broad and wide.
Put an ear on either side.
Add some eyes, but not a frown.
Now you have your very own clown.



Provide face paint for animal and clown faces. Have children act out animals and circus acts. Lay a jump rope on the floor for the tight rope, hula hoops to jump through.

Jump Through Fire Hoops

Wrap red, yellow, and orange crepe paper around hula hoops. Let small bits of the crepe paper dangle into the hoop. Hold the hoop vertically and let the children jump through the hoops.

From: The Complete Book of Activities, Games, Stories, Props, Recipes, and Dances: For Young Children

Put a rope down in the center of the circle. Have the elephant (child) stand on the rope.

Children sing the following song:
One elephant went out to play on a tightrope string one day. He had such enormous fun;
He called for another elephant to come.

(First line of the song and the next three lines increasing the number of elephants until each child has a turn.

Then sing the following verse) 5 (Or the number of children) elephants went out to play on a tightrope string one day they had such enormous fun, but the tightrope broke and they all fell down!

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