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Tyrannosaurs Rex
tune: "Are You Sleeping?"

Mean and rude,
Mean and rude,
Short front legs,
With no one to play,
Don't mess with T-Rex
Don't mess with T-Rex
He'll eat you!
He'll eat you!
Contributed by: Roberta Taylor-Hill

Dinosaur Dance

If you want to be a dinosaur, now's you're chance,
Cause everybody's doin' the dinosaur dance.
Just stomp your feet, move your arms around.
Stretch up, stretch up and now touch the ground.
And you're doin' the dinosaur dance, oh yeah!

You're doin' the dinosaur dance.
You're doin' the dinosaur dance, oh yeah.
You're doin' the dinosaur dance.

(Dance around and do appropriate movements to the rhythm of the dinosaur chant. During the oooooo's and aaaahhhh's, stretch up to the right and down to the left. Continue dancing until the end.)

Ten Dinosaurs(flannelboard)
(Start with one number higher than the number of children you have so everyone will have a turn to remove a dinosaur.)

Ten(nine, eight, etc.) huge dinosaurs
Sleeping on a cave floor
Wake up and started to roar,

  "There's no room, no more, no more,
No more room on this floor!"
They tossed and turned and pushed galore,
(Move dinosaurs around cave)

Till one poor dinosaur was shoved out the door.
(have a child remove a dinosaur)
(Continue down to 1 dinosaur)

Last verse:
One huge dinosaur
Sleeping all alone, on a cave floor,
Wake up and started to roar.


The first big dinosaur went stomp, stomp, stomp
I said to the first dinosaur, "Stop, stop, stop!"
The second big dinosaur went run, run, run,
I said to the second dinosaur, "Fun, fun, fun!"
The third big dinosaur went thump, thump, thump.
I said to the third dinosaur, "Jump, jump, jump!"
The fourth big dinosaur went whack, whack, whack
I said to the fourth dinosaur, "You stay back!"
The fifth big dinosaur went creep, creep, creep.
I said to the fifth dinosaur, "It’s time to sleep!"


Dinosaur Eggs

Cut out dinosaur egg shapes from brown paper bags. Have the children sponge paint the egg shapes. Then cut out a white "inside" the same size as the paper dino egg shape and have the children color baby dinosaurs on it.

Hang the sponge painted egg shape with the "inside" picture of a dinosaur next to it on your bulletin board.

Group Time

Dino-Pokey (same as Hokey Pokey)

claws in/claws out/scratch 'em all about/
feet in/feet out/stomp them all about
teeth in/teeth out/chomp them all about
tail in/tail out/wag it all about

Dino-Dino Were's Your Bone?
(played like Doggie doggie were is your bone)
need: a cut out shape of a bone

Play this game at cicle time all children are sitting
cross legged on the floor. One person is IT and hides
their eyes. The dinosaur bone is hidden under a child.
All children chant: Dino-Dino were's your bone? a
palentolgist took it home. It then quesses who is sitting
on the bone. take turns being It.
Contributed by: Patty Bass

Bone Outline

Learning Centers

Dinosaur Land

A wonderful addition to your science area. Display is based on the book "Patrick's Dinosaur" by Carol & Donald Carrick.

Set up a dinosaur park on the floor using sand and rubber dinosaurs. Children can help make a cave (a box covered with papier mâché), trees (toilet paper rolls) and pools of water (if you are brave enough).

Dinosaur Garden

Display is based on the book Dinosaur Garden by Liza Donnelly.

To make a terrarium: plant seeds in an aquarium; add rocks, miniature dinosaurs and a pool (using a small tin foil plate); cover the top with plastic; and watch a prehistoric jungle grow.

Dino Memory
Make a dinosaur memory game from dinosaur stickers put on juice can lids.

Dino Stompers
Purchase inexpensive oversized rubber boots. Spray the boots green and let the paint dry. Add red paint or stickers for toe nails.


Dinosaur Dip

Ranch dressing with green food coloring. Cut up some fresh broccoli. Pretend you are a diplodocus munching on tree-tops as you dip the broccoli into the dip.


Lovely illustrations with a simple engaging story. At the back of the book is a glossary of dinosaurs with name and phonetic pronunciations underneath each picture.


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Dinosaur Puzzle

Color page puzzle
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