Dinosaurs -- School-age



Tune: "Oh, My Darling Clementine"

Great big dinosaurs, great big dinosaurs,
Lived so long ago.
Some liked land and some liked water,
Some flew in the air.

Great big dinosaurs, great big dinosaurs,
Lived so long ago.
Some had horns and some had spikes,
Some had wings like bats.

Great big dinosaurs, great big dinosaurs,
Lived so long ago.
Some ate plants some ate meat,
But now there are no more.

Illustrate the song. Click to print the song.


Dinosaur Pin

Salt Dough: 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup cool water. Mix well.

Use mini dinosaur cookie cutters to cut out dinosaur shapes. Could have children trace dinosaur shapes onto the salt dough using dinosaur templates.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until hardened.

When cooled have children paint and sprinkle glitter on their dinosaur pins. Glue on small wiggly eyes and glue on a pin back.

Note: You can find mini cookie cutters in grocery or discount stores (Meijer, Walmart...). Think Jello Jiggler cutters. Look in the kitchen ware or jello section of the stores.

Dinosaur Diorama

Each child uses a shoe box and its lid.

Turn the box on its side and glue the lid underneath, letting it extend out from the box to create a "porch".

Paint the inside back and sides blue for the sky. Paint the inside bottom and porch green for the grass.

On back wall glue a couple of purple mountains. Make one of the mountains a volcano with gray smoke and red and orange glitter lava. Add some wispy white clouds. Add a shiny sun (foil) and a shiny pond (foil).

Print out dinosaur and plant patterns for your own diorama at Enchanted Learning.


Dinosaur Measure Math
Need: Paper strips--one foot long

Brontosaurus (Apatasaurus)-65 feet
Deinonychus-10 feet
Triceratops- 20 feet
Stegosaurus-26 feet

Have children count out how many paper strips they will need to show the length of a dinosaur.

Take children into the hall or outside and let the children lie pieces on floor, end to end. Have the children estimate how many children's bodies it would take to equal 1 dinosaur (if children were laid out on the floor head to toe, head to toe).

Record guesses on poster.

Lie children on the floor, head to toe, and find the true answer!


A cute story of Danny and a dinosaur that came to life in a museum that Danny visits. A true masterpiece for children who love books about dinosaurs. The text is for early readers.



Dinosaur Puzzle

Dinosaur Color Page Puzzle
The Land Before Time-The Wisdom of Friends

Download a Paper Dinosaur
A site that has paper model dino's to print. Fold to make standing model dinosaurs.

Build a T-Rex
Print a template for T-Rex.

Make a Stuffed Dinosaur
Has templates to print

Make a Sock-A-Saurus
Printable directions.

Dinosaur print-outs

K-3 level templates designed as academic print-outs, for making dinosaur booklets, cut-outs used in dinosaur crafts, coloring, or other instructional use.

Activity Sheets
(3rd & up)
Has print-outs, word scramble etc...

Dinosaur Bones
Put the Dinosaur back together.

Online Games

Scholastic-You Dig?
Choose a dinosaur and unearth the bones.


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