Dolphins-- Preschool & Kindergarten



Dolphins are mammals, not fish.


Swimming In The Sea
Sung to: "Doo-wa diddy diddy"

There I was just swimming in the sea
singing oooo wah diddy diddy dum diddy dee
All the sudden there's a dolphin next to me
singing ooo wah diddy diddy dum diddy dee

She swam fast
She swam fast
She dove deep
She dove deep
She swam fast dove deep
Hey this dolphin's pretty neat!!
do wah diddy diddy dum diddy dee


Ocean Collage
Need: White construction paper, blue paint, pictures or magazines with ocean live pictures.

Have children paint an ocean on white construction paper, have available light and dark blue paint or crayons. While the paint is drying have children look through magazines and cut out ocean life pictures and glue on their ocean painting. Instead of magazine print OceanLifePictures for children to color, cut-out, and glue on their ocean painting.


Sites to See

Dolphins use echolocation to communicate, find food and keep away from predators. Dolphins send out vidberations by clicking sounds. The sounds bounce off objects and the returning sound helps dolphins to locate things. Learn about echolocation.

Things to Do

Dolphin color pages

stain glass dolphin art craft
Stained Glass Dolphin made from contact paper and tissue paper.


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