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Some little seeds have parachutes
To carry them around
(cup hand downward)
The wind blows them swish, swish, swish,
(flip fingers outward)
Then gently lays them on the ground.
(let hand gently float down and rest on lap)

Farm Chores

Five little farmers woke up with the sun.
(hold up hand)
It was early morning and the chores must be done.
The first little farmer went out to milk the cow.
(hold up thumb)
The second little farmer thought he'd better plow.
(hold up index finger)

The third little farmer cultivated weeds.
(hold up middle finger)
The fourth little farmer planted more seed.
(hold up fourth finger)
The fifth little farmer drove his tractor round.
(hold up last finger)
Five little farmers, the best that can be found.
(hold up hand)



Milk Carton Barn
Need: 1 pint milk cartons per child, red and black paint

Have the children paint their entire milk carton with red paint. After the milk cartons have dried, the teacher cuts a door on the front and a window in the front near the top in the carton. When the window and door are cut, the children may complete the barn by painting the roof black and outlining the door and window in black. When completely dry, the child may use the barn as a home for small plastic farm animals.

Group Time

Farm Animal Charades
Needed:: Materials Needed: One farm animal picture per child in your class

Have each child choose a picture of a farm animal with directions to keep it hidden from the other children. Each child takes a turn pretending to be an animal while the other children try to guess what they are. The child who guesses first gets to act next. Contributed By: Kimberly

Guess What I Am Writing/ Drawing?
Preparation and Instruction: To start the game, have the child turn around so his or her back is available to you as pretend paper.

The Game: Tell the child, I am going to write or draw some farm animals names on your back. See if you can guess what I am writing or drawing. Depending on the child's age and reading level, you can write different animals name. Make sure that what you write or draw is easy for the child to guess. The goal of this game is to touch the child and enjoy one another. It is not to test the child on spelling or to put the child in a position where he or she may not be successful. You can change this game to number or ABCs. In this case, you need to tell your child, I am going to write a letter on your back. See if you can guess what it is. End the game with a relaxing back rub. Contributed By: April



Have different grains (rice, oats, barley, wheat, and corn) for the children to examine and feel. Pass the grains for the children to examine and feel. Discuss with them the different shapes, sizes, and how they look (color). Have each student glue grains on construction paper to make a grain college.

Grass Heads
Need: cups(styrofoam), potting soil, grass seed, small rocks, water, markers, crayons.

Have children write their names on the bottom of the cup. Then the children can draw a face onto the cup. Put a few rocks into the bottom of the cups for drainage. Add potting soil, grass seed, and water. Set in a sunny spot. Then wait for the grass to grow (it's hair). Children can give their grass heads a hair cut as the grass will grow back.

Make Butter
Ingredients: 1 cup of whipping cream, baby food jars(one for each child), crackers.

Pour whipping cream into. Close tightly and give to the children to shake. Butter will form soon. Pour off extra liquid. Spread on crackers and it's ready to eat.

Learning Centers

Fun on the Farm

In a wading pool or sensory table, place straw and plastic farm animals.


Seed Walk

Fit each child with a tape bracelet (sticky side out). One for each arm. Go to the park or go for a walk. Let children add seeds and small cones to their bracelets.


Scissor practice cutting up brown construction paper.

Muddy Pig
Paint the pig shape pink. Then mix sand, oatmeal, and brown tempera paint to make a mud to put on the pig shape.

Things to Do

Barnyarnd Booklet to print and read.

Farm Mobile to print and make.

From The Farm Worksheet

Make A Paper Chicken Chain. Jan Brett site.


Make A Farm
Windows, Freeware
Download the Make A Farm software and print the patterns to creat your own farm.

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