Fire Safety -- Preschool & Kindergarten

Fire Safety


Tune: "Frere Jacques"

Firefighter, firefighter
You are brave, you are brave
Putting out the fires, putting out the fires
Lives you save, lives you save.


Five Brave Firefighters

Five brave firefighters, Sleeping so,
(hold up a hand with fingers flat across palm)The fire bell rings,
Down the pole they go, (open the hand and make a downward motion)
Jump in the fire truck, Hurry down the street. Climb up the ladder, (make the fingers climb)
Feel the fire's heat. (wipe sweat from your brow)
Five brave firefighters, (hold up five fingers)
Put the fire out. (make a wiping motion)
Hip! Hip! Hooray! All the people shout! (shout)

Four Busy Firefighters

Four busy firefighters could not retire
Because they might have to put out a fire.
The first one rang a big brass bell.
The second one said, 'It's the Grand Hotel!'
The third one said, 'Down the pole we'll slide.'
The fourth one said, 'Get ready to ride.'
The siren said, 'Get out of the way!'

'We have to put out a fire today!'
The red fire truck sped on to the fire,
As the big yellow flames grew higher and higher.
Swish went the water from the fire-hose spout
And in no time at all the fire was out.

10 Little Firefighters

Ten little firefighters sleeping in a row
Ding, ding goes the bell and down the pole they go.
Off on the engine, oh, oh, oh.
Using the big hose so, so, so.
When all the fire’s out, home they go.
Back into bed, all in a row

Firefighter Song
Tune: "I'm A Little Teapot"

I'm a firefighter, my name is John
I put my boots and helmet on
I hurry to the fire and give a shout.
With a burst of water,
The fire is out.

(Tune: "Pop Goes The Weasel")

Down the street the engine goes
The Firemen fight the fire
Up the ladder with their hose
Out goes the fire.


Crayon Melt

Place waxed crayons and paper on the art table for the children to create a design. Place a clean sheet of paper (wax paper)over the picture. Apply a warm iron. Show the children the effect of heat. This activity needs to be carefully supervised.

Fire Trucks

Precut circle, square and rectangular shapes from construction paper. Have the children glue the precut shapes on to a piece of construction paper to resemble a fire truck. They may add yarn or string for the fire hose and use straws to make a ladder.

Fire truck made from the shapes rectangle and circle. Firefighter stick puppet to glue beside the fire truck.

Group Time

Emergency 911
Need play phones

Practice on play phones calling emergency.

Ask the children if they know what an emergency is. Explain that an emergency is when we need help very quickly. Name emergencies, such as fire, and accident or an illness. Explain to the children that if there is an emergency and there is no one available to help them, they should call "911" on the telephone. Tell children that whoever answers the phone when they call "911" will be able to help them.

Explain that when they call "911" in an emergency, they are calling the police and the fire department. Be sure to explain to the children that they must give their names and answer the person questions when they call "911" so the police or fire department can send someone to help them.

Show the children the telephones. Ask the children if they can find the number "911." Give each child a chance to push the "911" buttons on the phone. Also, invite the children to practice saying their names, addresses, and phone numbers. Look in the emergency file box so that you can provide that information as needed.

Discuss safety rules dealing with fire. Let children generate ideas about safety. Write their ideas on chart paper and display. Tour the classroom looking for smoke alarms, fire alarm bells, fire extinguishers, and exits. Talk About: Talk about all of the things that the children must do when the fire bell rings. Show the children how to get out of the building


Talk About: Firefighter: "What do firefighters do? Do they wear a special uniform? What does it look like? Do they have to be strong? Why?"

Exercise: People who help us need to have strong bodies and quick brains. Begin the circle time with exercises. Let each child take a turn leading the group in his/her favorite exercise.

Obstacle Course: Make an obstacle course. Let children follow a string or piece of tape under chairs or tables, over steps, and across tables.

Firefighters Safety Rules
Large Muscles; Practice "Stop, Drop, Roll".

Sites to See

Sesame Street Fire Safety(English) color pages - 8 pages.

Sesame Street Fire Safety(Spanish) color pages - 8 pages.

My Fire Safety-FairFaxCounty coloring page (pdf)

Marty & Jett's Activity Book
English and Spanish pdf file.

Firefighter Hat
Use the template to make a firefighter hat from construction paper.

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