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MyPyramid for Kids
Educational material, lesson plans, an interactive game, a poster, color page and more.

Dole 5 A Day
Classroom materials.


Healthy Food Collage
Need: newspaper grocery ads and magazines, glue, scissors, construction paper

Talk about healthy food. Have children cut out heathy foods frome store ad packs and magazines. The children glue the heathy foods on their construction paper. At group time have the children show their completed collage and name the foods on it.

Our Pyramids

Have children cut out a circle for a head. Have the children print their names on the back of the circle. Then cut out rectangles for arms and legs. Trace the childrens hands and shoes for them to cut out (or children pair up and trace each others hands and shoes). From a large paper cut out a triangle for each child.

Glue the triangle to the head. Glue the arms, legs, hands, and shoes to the triangle to form a person. Have small pictures of food from each food group. Children glue which foods they like onto the triangle.

Draw on details such as a face and hair. Hang up with the title "Our Pyramids".

*Group Time

Food Pyramid

Draw a large Food Pyramid. Write the name of each section in each pyramid section (grains-breads, meats, vegetables, fruits, milk). Have a variety of food pictures. The children take turns placing the food picture in the correct section.

Review the completed Food Pyramid with the class and review portions sizes and number of servings for each section.

Food Pyramid Sort

1-Fold a poster board into sections (can use 2 poster boards divided into sections). Have pictures of different foods that the children can help to sort into the correct section of the food pyramid.

2-Use masking tape to make a large food pyramid outline on the floor. Have a child stand and let the other children suggest which part of the pyramid he/she should stand in.

3-Have children take turns sorting the play food into the correct section of the food pyramid.

Food Colors
Need: newspaper grocery ads and magazines, poster board

Choose the colors and label each sheet of poster board with a color

(orange foods, red foods, green foods, yellow foods, purple foods, blue foods).

Have the children cut food pictures from magazines and grocery ads. Have children place the food item on the correct poster board. The teacher glues down and prints the foods name under each picture.

At group time point at the different foods and have the children name the food and tell its color. Hang in the room for a colorful decoration.

*Learning Centers


Use a large appliance box, cut out a window on one side and a door on another side (can use the stand up puppet stage). Place outside or in the gym near the wheeled toy area. Place a box near to "dispose" of the orders when done. Use small boxes for take out orders. Provide a paper cap for the "clear". Make a menu to tape on the box.

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