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Food Groups

Food Groups
Need: newspaper grocery ads and magazines, glue, scissors, large paper

Divide children into small groups. Give each group a large paper and a food group. Have them hunt together in ad packs and magazines for food items in that group. The children glue their choices and label them onto their paper. Have each group share their choices with the class. Hang in the room.

Food Pyramid Book
Need: newspaper grocery ad packs, magazines, glue, scissors, six pieces of writing paper and 1 construction paper

Fold construction paper to create a book. Place the six writing papers inside the construction paper. On the top of each paper write the name of a Food Pyramid section and number of servings. Have children use newspaper grocery ads and magazines to find food pictures to glue on each paper. Decorate the front of your Food Pyramid Book.

Name That Food Minute (grade 2+)
Small Groups

Each groups will need pencils and a piece of paper. The teacher names a food group and a letter of the alphabet. Example: grains (breads and cerels) letter "B". The teacher sets a time limit, can be one minute or five minutes. When the time is up have each group share their list with the class. The group with the most items on their list wins. The game continues with another food group selected and a different alphabet letter chosen.

Name That Food Group Game

Divide children into two teams. One person from each team comes to the front of the room. Place a bell between the two players. Teacher names a food group. The first to ring the bell names a food in that group. If unable to do so the second team gets a chance to name a food in that food group. New players step to the front of the room for the next round. A different food has to be named with for each food group, can not keep saying the same food. The team who names the correct food receives a point. The team with the highest points win.

Eat Right!
Sort food pictures into 5 boxes. Create a healthy meal.

Dole 5 A Day
Classroom materials.

Food Pyramid Challenge Questions

Nutrition & The Food Pyramid
1st grade classroom's website with descriptions of each food group, what each food group gives us, fun activites, and more.

*Healthy Foods

Healthy Food
Need: newspaper grocery ads and magazines, glue, scissors, construction paper

Talk about healthy food. Have children cut out heathy foods frome store ad packs and magazines. Fold the construction paper. Have children glue the heathy foods on one side of their construction paper on the other side they write about their choices.

ABC Foods
Need: newspaper grocery ads and magazines, glue, scissors, construction paper (half a sheet for each letter)

Give the children a half sheet of construction paper with an alphabet letter on it. The children look through magazines and ad packs for a healthy food or drink that begins with that letter. The pictures are glued on the construction paper.

When finished put in ABC order and make into a book to place in the reading area.

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