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Federal Republic of Germany
Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Germany is a federal republic.
Germany is located in Central Europe.

Capitol City - Berlin

Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate is the most well known monument in Berlin.

Rail map of Germany

Map of Germany

Currency of Germany-Euro
Native Language-German
Try some German phrases.

Germany for Kids
Created by the German Information Center in Washington the website depicts the everyday life of a regular German boy - find information on everything from food to music to German celebrities and download a " Get To Know Germany" coloring book.


Creature Feature-Brown Bears

Germany Animals

With the vast tracts of forest and mountians there is a variety of wildlife in Germany. Some varieties are: deer, quail, pheasant, chamois, wild boars, bears, wolfs, and hares.


Warm summers and cold winters.


Rhine River
Rhine River Valley
One of Germany's longest and most important river.

There are lowlands in the north, uplands in the center, and the Bavarian Alps in south.

German environment-History for Kids

Black Forest
The predominat trees in the Black Forest are: pine, beech, spruce trees, and oak. The name Black Forest decribes the dark firs and pines that cover the mountainous region in Germany. Many fairy tales originated in the valleys and heights of Germany's Black Forest. Black Forest Photos

Famous Germans

Martin Behaim
In 1492 this famous German map-maker made the first globe.

Albert Einstein
Nobel prize physicist

German Inventors

Martin Luther-PBS The Reluctant Revolutionary
Protestant Reformation


Grimm Fairy Tales, History, Facts and More
National Geographic.

Grimm Fairy Tales
Read and hear animated stories, games, coloring pages, and more.

Berlioz the Bear lesson-Jan Brett's website.

Color Pages

German Flag and Map

German flag

Koenig: The Sphere


Scherenschnitte comes from the German words for "scissor cuts." It is the beautiful art of cutting paper designs.
Scherenschnitte style drawing

Build a Medieval Castle


Germanic Recipes

Simple Recipes for Great-Tasting German Food


Rhine River Valley Wallpaper

Luther-Translated Bible, Eisenach, Germany, 1983 Wallpape


Two famous German composers both born in 1685.
George Frideric Handel
Learn about Handel, hear the music of Handel, and download an activity sheet.

George Frideric Handel Word Search

Johann Sebastian Bach
Learn about Back and hear his music.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Word Search
Multiplication Connect-the-Dot
Coloring Page


See Also: German Christmas

Germany Photos at National Geographic

Rhine River Castles

Castles Along the Rhein River

In The Spotlight-Germany at National Geographic Kids
Facts, photos, and more.


Ancient Germany at History for Kids

World War I: Trenches On the Web

Berlin Wall Online

The Holocaust
One of the most horrifying events in history.
Anne Frank
Learn about who Anne Frank was.
Elie Wiesel
1986 Nobel Peace Prize Winner.
Oskar Schindler
Tells how Schindler changed his way of thinking and the people he saved.
Voices of the Holocaust
Survivors tell their horrible stories.
The History Place-Holocaust Timeline t
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


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