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Bear Hibernation


Bear is Sleeping
tune: Frere Jacques

Bear is sleeping. Bear is sleeping
Let it snow! Let it snow!
Sleeping all the winter, sleeping all the winter
Snug and warm, snug and warm.

Hibernation Song
tune: Frere Jacques

Bear is sleeping, Bear is sleeping.
In a cave, In a cave.
I wonder when he'll come out,
I wonder when he'll come out.
In the spring, In the spring.



Hibernation Celebration

This is a special celebration at the conclusion of a unit on hibernation. The children make bear caves from grocery bags which are painted and decorated. We use cotton balls on top for snow. The children and teachers wear their pajamas and bring their favorite teddy bear to school. When they arrive we put the bears in their caves and place them around the room.

In addition, we make "Bear Biscuits" using two refrigerator biscuits. One for the face and the second one to form nose and ears. Add raisins for the eyes and a marachino cherry for the nose. When the biscuits are baked we sit together around the room with our bears and caves to partake of our special treat.
Contributed by: Jo Hamilton

Stain Glass Bear
Need: Contact Paper, Tissue Paper, Googly Eyes

Give the children the contact paper cut out as a bear. Have the children tear and place on the contact paper shape different colors of tissue paper Hang the childrens creations in the window for a beautiful stained glass look.

Bear Outline



The Bears Are Still Awake - Hibernation Craft at AllMostUnschoolers

Bear Hibernation Art

Winter Dens for Bears at Fairy Dust Teaching

Winter Dens For Bears


Bear Snores On
by by Harcourt School Publishers


Group Time

Musical Hibernation Game
Need: Tape/cd player lively music carpet tiles or mats

Describe the concept to the children that some animals sleep all winter. Bring out the mats or carpet tiles; one for each child. Explain to the children that while the music is playing the animals(them) are dancing. When the music stops it is winter time and it time to find a spot to sleep. As the days go on and the children know more animals. You can askthem what animal they are when they sleep. Contributed By: Vanessa S.

Hibernation Game ( who woke the sleepy bear!)
Need: Group of children, 5 or more ,the more children the harder the game gets!

Directions: Have all the children sit in a cirle. One child will sit in the middle and pretend to sleep all curled up like a bear hibernating. Make sure their eyes stay closed!

Pick a child and have them sneak up and touch the bear then quickly return to their spot in the circle. Then everyone in the circle says WAKE UP SLEEPY BEAR! WAKE UP! and the child will then sit up and have to guess who woke them up. Let them guess 3 times. You can vary the game by letting them ask 3 questions such as was it a boy do they have on a red
shirt ex. Contributed by: Lindsay

Story & Craft

Animals In Winter
by Henrietta Bancroft

Animals in Winter Craft at Fun4Kids

Animals in Winter Craft

Templates (resize): cave, log, and tree.

Learning Centers

Hibernation Time

Have a container that can be used for a cave. A gallon ice cream tub covered in brown paper works well. Lay the tub on its side. On the first day of winter, put a small stuffed bear into the tub and place a sign on it, Sleeping! Do not disturb until spring. On the first day of spring have a Teddy Bear Party, and bring the bear out of the tub.

Make A Hibernation Sensory Bag to Explore Animals in Winter at School Time Snippets

Hibernation Sensory Bag to Explore Animals in Winter


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