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Edison Inventions

Invention: Something that has never been made before, or the process of creating something that has never been made before.
-Cambridge Dictionary

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Make A String Phone

string cup phone
Use 2 paper cups, a pencil to poke a hole in the cup , and string (kite string and fishing lines work well) to make a string phone.

Science Project String Phone: haw to make a string phone and the science of what is happening -sound waves.

The Telephone
Take a visual tour of telephones at American Experience


Great inventions have been produced through the use of imagination, ingenious thinking, and experimentation. Some inventions were invented by accident. Inventions have an impact on our daily lives.

Invention Scavenger Hunt
Give groups of students a letter of the alphabet. The students look for inventions in the classroom that begins with their alphabet letter.

Best Inventions
Have students brainstorm 5-10 best inventions, then choose one and tell why it is the best invention. Share with class.

Have students brainstorm the best toy inventions, then choose one and tell why it is the best invention. Share with class

Ancient Inventions
Take a tour of ancient inventions from Smith College History of Science, Mueum of Ancient Inventions.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Kids' Page
Features puzzles, games, and other activities for children.

Inventions That Changed Our World
Scholastic Theme Unit

Forgotten Inventors
Everyday items from blue jeans to the can opener and tells about people who created them.

Invention Dimension
MIT-inventors and innovators who shape the world around us.

Book Review

A great, witty, and humorous nonfiction for 8+ year-olds. The reading level is high enough to challenge students, but written in articles with interesting topics making if easy to read. Great book.


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