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Kenya lies across the equator in east-central Africa. It is known for its fabulous landscapes and wildlife.

Capital: Nairobi

Official languages-English and Swahili
Listen to words in Swahili.






Kenya Birds
Learn about the different birds in Kenya.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Lake Nakuru National Park is home to more than one million flamingos.

Big Cats
Lion, leopard, and cheetah

African Elephants


A tropical climate along the coast, turning increasingly arid farther inland.


Time for Kids History Timeline-Kenya
Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's first President


Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya
(over 5000 m)
Kenya's geograhpy is varied. Most of northeastern Kenya is flat and bush-covered. A fertile plain in the west. Central highlands that are bisected by the Great Rift Valley (Views of the Earth - The Great Rift Valley) . There are savannas and beaches and highlands and lake regions and the magnificent Mount Kenya (the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa). The southwestern border of the country is marked by Lake Victoria.

Kenya has natural hazards which include recurring droughts and flooding during rainy seasons.


Photos of plants in Kenya

Natural Resources

The natural resources of Kenya include limestone, soda ash, salt, gemstones, fluorspar, zinc, diatomite, gypsum, wildlife, hydropower.

Impala at Masai Mara, Kenya


Crittercam: African Adventure
National Geographic's Wild Chronicles team needs your help to record video footage from the Crittercam collars worn by the lions in northern Kenya.


Abu Nuwasi Sells His House-A Kenyan Fable


National Geographic-Kenyan Artist
Listen to music from Kenya.

Sites to See

Mountain Voices
Learn about Mount Elgon, a dormant volcano and hear the voices of the people who live there.

National Geographic Kids-Kenya

Kenya Guide-National Geographic

Color Pages

The Flag of Kenya
Information, color page, and quiz.

Kenya Flag


Kigogo game

Recipes from Kenya


Kenya Plains

Kenyan Gorges

Mount Kenya Ice Cave


Kenya panoramic images

Sites to See

A Look at a Kenyan Classroom (with video)




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