Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother and child

Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring mother's that is observed in different ways throughout the world. Mother's Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1914


Need: terra cotta pots(1 pot per child), construction paper scraps, black markers, decoupage or white glue, silk flowers, foam brick (green).

Place tape on the bottom of each flowerpot to write the child's name on. Have children tear construction into small pieces and glue onto the flower pots. After gluing children take a black marker and trace around the each piece scrap construction paper that is on the flowerpot.

After the children have finished their flowerpots an adult needs to give each pot 2 coats of decoupage (available in craft stores) or 2 coats of white glue. Let dry.

Have a bunch of silk flowers for the children to pick from. Place a piece of foam brick in each pot and have the children push their flowers into the brick. Can add green grass under the flowers.

Note: Parents will love this gift as it looks fantastic!

Desktop Wallpaper

Hand Print
Need: playdough, plaster of paris, styrofoam or meat tray

Take a clean tray and place on table. Place playdough in container and shape to the size of tray. Leave a edge of playdough around the tray. This keeps the plaster of paris from running out.

Next place a child's hand in the playdough making a deep impression in the playdough. Then mix the plaster of paris and pour into the tray covering the handprint. Let this dry. This depends on how thick the plaster is when you mixed it. When dry you can peel the playdough from the plaster. This will leave a handprint for you to decorate any way you wish.
Contributed by: Irma Feurer

Desktop Wallpaper

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Mother's Day desktop wallpaper courtesey
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Recommended Books

Mom School
by Rebecca Van Slyke

An adorable picture book told from the perspective of a young child that her Mom must have learned all her mothering skills by attending Mom School. A school where mom's learn to multi-task, build forts from couch cushions, and bake yummy cupcakes.

Fun and engaging art with text that perfectly captures the view of a young child. A variety of unique moms are shown throughout the story. A perfect book for Mother's Day.

Mama, I'll Give You the World
by Roni Schotter

After school Luisa goes to where her Mama works. She watches as her Mama works hard at cutting, coloring , and curling customers' hair. Her Mama works hard and rarely smiles. Luisa would like to see her mother smile as she does in Luisa's favorite photo of her.

Luisa plans a night to make Mama smile. The way she is smiling in the old photograph while she is dancing at a place called Roseland.

A tale of a hardworking mother and her loving thoughtful daughter. A tear jerker and a story that you will remember.

Sites to See

Sundae for Mother's Day (card is a free printable)

Heart Flowers (Easy)

Watercolor note cards from The Little Artist. These cards are very lovely and would make wonderful Mother Day cards.

Bath Salts For Mom
A scent-filled gift for mom.

Mother's Day Coupon book

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