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*Lesson Plans

Hand Dancing: An Intro. to Conducting

Students will learn and practice moving their hands to the beat of music (conduct). Through conducting, students can develop an awareness and appreciation of musical beats. Grades K-2

The Music Education Launch Site
Visit Mr.Note's lesson plans and Mr.Note's Gameland to teach children musical notation.
The lesson plan page includes a unit plan, worksheets, and transparencies. Older students.

A Fun Alternative Way to Teach Children The Keyboard
(Grades K-2)
A fun floor game that teaches very young children the
keyboard without using mindless repetition.

Ella Elephant Scats Like That: Baby Loves Jazz

Baby Loves Jazz a new series of books by Price Stern Sloan, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group.


Play Online-Music Racer
A game designed to help music students learn literacy and basic
instrument fingerings using "flash card" devices.

Land of Music-Music Notes Color Pages
Print and color "Quincy Quarter Note", "Susie Sixteenth Note", "Willie Whole Note" and many more.

Music instrument color pages


Free guitar lessons with tablature and playback

*Song Sites

Songs for Scouts: Grosss Songs

Baby Loves Jazz Go Baby Go
Baby Loves Jazz: Go Baby Go!

A number of children’s favorite songs interpreted in a variety of jazz styles. The cd features an unforgettable rendition of “Ten Little Monkeys” and takes “The Wheels on the Bus” on a funky trip.

From upbeat to the soothing sounds of "You Are My Sunshine" and "Lullabye" a wonderful cd to introduce jazz to children.



Happy Note! Tetris Game
A free tetris game to learn music notes.
Minimum requirements: Windows, Free

Dowload: Happy Notes Tetris Game

Happy Note! Note Cracker
A free game to learn rests.
Minimum requirements: Windows, Free.

Download: Happy Note! Note Cracker

Happy Notes! Notes In Space
Minimum requirements: Windows, Free.
Site: Happy Notes! Notes In Space

A free game to learn note durations. Notes in Space a fun interactive game that brings music and shooting arcade games together.

You collect points by shooting down music notes that match your space ship (whole note, half note or quarter note). At the start of each game, you must answer a multiple choice mini-quiz on note durations. Your answer will determine how many lives you start the game with. There are three levels of difficulty: Beginner, advanced, expert.

Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef
Minimum requirements: Windows, Shareware.
Site: Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef

Have a happy time learning to read music! Let Happy Note! teach you musical notation note by note, at your own pace.

Practice sight reading by firing musical missiles at the passing notes. Set the game for beginner or expert, then try out the three levels for each!

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