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New Zealand

Things to Know

New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy
part of the British Commonwealth

Capital: Wellington

New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere,
in the South Pacific Ocean.
Its nearest large neighbor is Australia.

Map of New Zealand

Before European settlement, the people of New Zealand were the Maori .

The official languages are English and Maori with English being spoken by all.

New Zealand bank notes

Facts about the New Zealand Flag . Read about the Southern Cross constellation.


New Zealand is known for their flightless birds such as the Kiwi.
The Kiwi bird is the national symbol of New Zealand.

New Zealand is the albatross capital of the world. These sub-Antarctic islands are home to more species of breeding albatrosses than any other country.

The yellow-eyed penguin is only found in New Zealand. Penguins live on the islands of the antarctic and sub-antarctic. The islands of New Zealand are sub-antarctic islands.

New Zealand's offshore waters hold about 400 different marine fish: tuna, marlin, snapper, trevally, kahawai and shark. New Zealand has various species of seal, dolphins and porpoises and thirty-two species of whale have been recorded and two of the largest (sperm and humpback ) regularly migrate here in spring and autumn.


New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, which means January and February are the warmest months and July normally its coldest.

North Island has a warm mild climate, almost sub-tropical in the extreme north. South island is colder, Dunedin has average summer temperatures of about 15C / 59F and winter 6C / 43F.


Sir Edmund Hillary
is New Zealand's most accomplished explorer.

Hillary and the Nepalese mountaineer Tenzing Norgay , were the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest on May 29, 1953. Hillary in 1958 becoming the first man to drive overland to the South Pole.


New Zealand consists of two large islands; North Island and South Island, plus several smaller islands of which Stewart Island is the largest. Surrounding New Zealand to the north and east is the Pacific Ocean. Between New Zealand and Australia lies the Tasman Sea. Cook Strait separates North Island and South Island.

North Island is volcanically active with a central plateau. South Island has the high snow covered mountain peaks and glaciers of the Southern Alps. The highest point is Mount Cook on South Island (3754 m / 12316 ft).

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New Zealand Flag


Albatross puzzle

New Zealand Flag puzzle


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National Geographic Explore the deep-sea world of New Zealand’s Kaikoura Canyon.


Fun Facts

Giant Squid
Visit the Smithsonian Institute website where you can learn everything there is to know about squids of all kinds, the scientists who study squids, and their expedition to New Zealand to try to see one of these enormous sea creatures.


Maori Legend - Stories of Old


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