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National Fruit Day

Fruit Faces
Children cut and paste to create silly fruit faces.

Pablo Picasso

A fun art activity if you have a lot of scrap material.
Have the children create a face using the material.
Choose one material for the face. Choose different material for each facial feature. Such as, each eye would be a different material. The mouth would be a different material, etc. Glue on a piece of construction paper.

Color a picture-Child with Dove by Pablo Picasso

Mr Picasso Head
Create your own image using Picasso elements and send it to friends.

Collections Online
View images of works by Pablo Picasso .

Pablo Picasso's the Tragedy National Museum of Art
Explore the painting.

Detective/Mystery Day


Magnifying Glass

Need: cardboard, popsicle stick, cellophane, tape and glue.

Cut the inside out of 2 cardboard circles of the same size. Tape or glue cellophane to one of the circle. Then tape or glue on a popsicle stick for a handle. Finally, glue together the edges of the circles.

Special Trick Lens

Use red cellophane as the lens inside your magnifying glass. Then write messages or answers to riddles with a light green marker. Scribble over it with other colors so the green writing doesn't show. When you look through your Red magnifying glass, only you will be able to "uncover" the messages and answers!

Bulletin Board Contest

Who am I?

Ask parents to send in a picture of their school-age child as a infant or toddler. Place the pictures on the bulletin board with numbers under them. The children write on a piece of paper who they think the pictures are. Place all guess papers in a box. Remind children to put their own name on the paper so you know whose it is. At the end of the week whomever has the most correct answers wins a prize. The children spend a lot of time at this bulletin board trying to figure out who each picture is. Be sure to return all pictures to the parents.


Spy the Object

Designate a large area on the floor as home base. Then select an object and show it to the children. Ask the children to cover their eyes while you hide the object. Then encourage the children to open their eyes and search for the object. As each child spies the object he/she quietly returns to the home base area without telling. The other children continue searching until all have found the object. After all the children are seated, they may share where the object is placed.



Use talcum powder and a paint brush to dust for fingerprints. No two fingerprints are alike.

Invisible Ink

Need: Lemon juice or white vinegar, Q-tips or small brushes, paper(newsprint works best), iron or lamp.

Children dip Q-tips or brush into lemon juice or vinegar. Have children write letters on paper with moistened Q-tip or brush. Allow paper to dry thoroughly ( it will appear to be a blank paper). Adult heats iron to warm and irons over entire paper (or hold up to a light bulb). Letters will appear as paper is warmed.


Mystery Snack
Need: paper lunch sacks, variety of snack foods (examples: apple, orange, granola bars...)

Place each child's snack in a paper sack. Place a question mark on each snack. Hang up a sign over the snack sacks "No Returns, No Exchanges to the teacher".
At snack time the children choose a snack sack without looking in it. The children may exchange snacks with each other.


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