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organizing tips for teachers

Organizing tips for teachers.

Ceiling Hangings

If you hang children's work from your room lights or the metal supports around acoustical tiles a tip to avoid climbing on a table or chair to change the work. Use a paper clip with a string hanging from it. Place a spring type clothespin at the end of the string. When you need to change the children's work just reach up and up clip the old displays from the clothespin and clip up the new!

Clean Hands
Tune: three blind mice

At the beginning of the school year ask each child to bring in a box of baby wipes. With younger children when doing a messy activity place a box of baby wipes on the top. It eliminates all the running to the sink to clean paste and glue from hands.

Clean Desks
Tune: "Shoo-Fly"

Use baby wipes on Friday to have the children clean the top of their desk. The children will be amazed at how dirty the desk is.

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Fill pillowcases with peanuts for padded cushions, fill larger pieces of fabric to create beanbag chairs for reading areas.

Three Hole Original

Three-hole punch your original worksheets. This way, you will know which worksheet is the original.

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