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100th Day


Printable 100th Day Certificate


Happy 100 Day
Tune: "Happy Birthday to You"

Happy 100 days to us,
Happy 100 days to us,
Happy 100 days at ________ School,
Happy 100 days to us.


Dot Designs

Give children 10 sheets of 10 stickers and black construction paper to make 100 sticky dot designs on the construction paper.

100 Day Poster
Need: poster board, cotton balls, stickers, pipe cleaners,etc.

Use left over art supply items or have children bring in small items to make a collection of 100 items. Make a poster using the 100 items.
Contributed By: Adelina

100 Numbers

Have children work in groups to find and cut out the numbers from 1 to 100 from magazines and catalogs. Glue them onto construction paper.

100 Hanging Items

Decide on a shape (heart...). Decide as a group how many each child will need to cut out for the class to have 100 hearts. Have the children cut out and decorate their shapes. Place 10 items on each piece of yarn and hang in the classroom.

Group Time

Count to 100

100 Big Book
Use poster board to create a classroom 100 big book
(about 1/2 a sheet of poster board for one page)

Page 1:
Our hats we tip to you and me
For it's 100 days of school you see.
(Have each child make a hat from scraps of construction paper and glue to the page. Label each hat with the child's name).
Page 2:
100 days go fast
With memories that last.
(Children make their self portrait and add to the page).
Page 3:
100 days of school
We really thinks that cool!
(Print the word "Cool" in large bubble letters. Divide children into four groups and have each group decorate a letter. You may want to draw a pencil line to divide the letters so that one group does not decorate all the letters).
Contributed By: Lisa B.

Printable "COOL" Bubble Letters

Be quite for 100 seconds.

Counting to the 100th or 101st day of school

Starting at on the first day of school, we put a "spot" on the wall (we happen to be counting to 101st day of school to have a black & white party) then each day after we put a new spot up. Every "5" is black and the children clap when we are counting and land on the black spot. After counting to the last spot, we count only the 5's...this helps the children learn to count by one's, five's and ten's.

On the 101'st day of school, everything we do is black and white...and in the amount of 101. Snack, balloon bottom popping, crazy hats that have 101 items on them, 101 gems on a large 101...and of course, watching the moving 101 Dalmations! Happy Counting.
Contributed By: Michele M.

Count to 100 by 10's Song

Count by 10s to 100- Snowflake Song

Large Motor

Count and Clap
Count to 100 and clap hands on the 10s. Use different motions with the numbers between the 10s.

1-9 pat head and count 1 to 9.
Clap hands at number 10.
11-19 put hands on hips reach up while counting.
Clap hands at number 20.
21-29 touch nose with finger alternating hands.
Clap hands at number 30.

31-39 touch toes
Clap hands at number 40.
41-49 jumping jacks
Clap hands at number 50.

51-59 arms out and rotate.
Clap hands at number 60.
61-69 large stomps with feet.
Clap hands at number 70.
71-79 jump on one foot.
Clap hands at number 80.
81-89 jump on other foot.
Clap hands at number 90
91-99 snap fingers (or try)
Clap hands at number 100.

Musical Dots - 1

Cut out 100 dots and write a number 1-100 on each circle. Place the dots on the floor with the number side turned down. Play music and have the children move around from dot to dot. When the music stops, the child standing on a dot with 100 on the underneath side wins. Gather up the dots and have the children turn around and hide their face's before the dots are put down again.

Musical Dots - 2

Cut out 100 dots and write a number 1-100 on each circle. Place the dots on the floor with the number side turned up. Play music and have the children move around. When the music stops the child stands on a dot. Pick a child and ask what the number he/she is standing on. Start the music again.

DVD Review

Rosemary Wells' "Emily's First 100 Days of School" the DVD features illustrated examples of each number, a constant crawl at the bottom (like the headline news crawl) showing the number drawn as well as spelled out. After every ten numbers is "BNN: Bunny News Network!" a short break that divides the numbers into sets of ten.

A great story to get excited about numbers.


Emily's First 100 Days of School
by Rosemary Wells


100 Steps

How far is 100 steps? Take the children outside and pace off together 100 steps.

100 Day Neckaces with Circles
Need: Cereal for stringing and yarn

Cereal Necklace 100Lay out a paper with 10 circles (poster board thickness) with a hole in them. Children count out and place 10 pieces of cereal on each circle. Children lace each set of 10 cereals place a circle between each set. If they forget to put the circle on the string they can start over. When done ask what is a quick way to count to 100. Using the necklace have the child count to 100 by 10s. Tie a knot in the string and wear the necklace home. After necklaces are completed wash hands, pass out snack, and have snack time.

100 Beans In A Jar

Set out three jars (a, b, and c) with beans in them. Only one jar has 100 beans. The children estimate which jar has 100. At the end reveal the jar with 100 beans.

100 Day Necklaces
Need: Fruit Loops and yarn

Have students count out sets of 10 FruitLoops. For example 10 purple, 10 orange, etc. Once they have 10 sets start lacing them to make a 100 Day Necklace. I usually start a few days before the 100 day so we can finish them.
Contributed By: Lisa

100 Balloons
Need: balloons, string, permanent marker and a lot of air!

Have parents or older students help you blow up 100 balloons. They can be of any shape, size and color.

1) Number the balloons from 1-100 and play a game catching the balloons and naming their numbers.

2) Make a graph chart and sort the balloons by either shape, color, size, etc.

) Use helium balloons and bring them outside and let them go. You may want to add a message to the end of the balloon string for the person who may find it. Contributed By: Karen S.

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