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Poetry notebooks serve many purposes in the curriculum. They help develop pre-reading skills such as phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, and comprehension.

Have children add a new poem once or twice a week to their poetry folders. Begin by putting a poem on a pocket chart for a week or so. Read the poem everyday. After a couple of days, give the children individual word cards to match with words in the poem.

Poetry notebook cover sheet to print and color.

Poems With Partial Illustrations

After reading the poem have the children draw an illustration for the poem. All the poems in this section contain partial illustrations.

Posted with permission by Kimberly M. Hutmacher, copyright © 2003. May be used with students for educational purposes.

Poems by Kimberley M. Hutmacher

Airplane Art

Perfect For A Picnic

Music CD Review

Back to the Garden
by Ted Jacobs

The beautiful poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson set to acoustic music. The music enhances the poems from "A Child's Garden of Verse" and follows the tone of the poem.

From the waltz-type melody of the poem "The Swing" to the dreamy "Escape at Bedtime." Many of the poems when set to music are very soothing and would be great to listen to when working, napping, or when a quite listen is wanted.

Poems Without Illustrations

All the poems in this section are without illustrations.
A Child's Garden Of Verse
by Robert Louis Stevenson


Scholastic-Write a Poem Worksheet to brainstorm possible words for animals, adjectives, and rhymes.

Book Reviews

Poetry Speaks to Children(Book & CD)
by Elise Paschen (Editor), Dominique Raccah (Editor)

Imagine This!
by Joanne Froh

A collection of rhyming poems for children, illustrated with black-and-white drawings by artist Frances Plagens. The poems will draw children's attention and imaginations with poems of day dreams and make believe.

This book is an uniquely beautiful anthology of 95 poems with 52 of them read aloud on the accompanying CD.  

This book is an uniquely beautiful anthology of 95 poems with 52 of them read aloud on the accompanying CD. more

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