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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day

Pitter Pat, pitter pat (drum fingers on floor), the rain goes on for hours.
And though it keeps me in the house, it's very (hold hands palms up and closed into fists in front of you) good for (open fists) flowers (lift hands imitating flowers growing up).


Eyedropper Painting

Color water with food coloring. Place the water in shallow containers. Children use eyedroppers to drop the colored water onto their white construction paper.

Rainbow Yarn Collage

Using rainbow shaped paper and rainbow colored yarn, the children can make rainbow yarn collages.

*Learning Centers

Art Area

Thunder Painting

Provide grey, black, and white paint at the easel. Tape record a rain or thunderstorm. Leave this tape with a tape recorder (and earphones) at the easel. Let the children listen to the rainstorm and paint to it.
Ask the children how the tape makes them feel.

Dramatic Play Area

Rainy Day Clothing

Add rain coats, hats, rain shoes, and a tape containing rain sounds to the dramatic play area.

Weather Station

Create a weather station by adding to the dramatic play area a map, pointer, adult clothing and pretend microphone.

Sensory Table

Add to the sensory table:

Water with scoops, cups, and spoons.
Sand and water (make puddles in the sand).
Rainbow-Colored sand, rice, and pasta.


Rainbow Match

Fabrics of all the colors of the rainbow can be cut into pieces. The children can sort these and group them into different colors, textures, and sizes.


Making Rain

Boil some water in a pot (or a tea kettle) until steam forms above it. Then fill a pie pan with ice cubes and hold it above the pot in the steam "cloud." Have the children observe that when the steam comes in contact with the cool air from the pie pan, drops of water form and fall back into the pot like rain.

Caution: Supervise children closely.

Tasting Water

Collect tap water, soda water, mineral water, and distilled water. Pour the different types of water into paper cups and let children taste them. Discuss the differences.


Have children pour water into a jar. Mark a line at the water level. Place the jar on a window ledge and check it every day. The disappearance is called evaporation.

Catching Water

If it rains one day during your unit, place a bucket outside to catch the rain. Return the bucket to your science table. Place a bucket of tap water next to the rainwater and compare.

*Group Time

Read the poem "Rain" to the children. Ask the children, "Why didn't I get wet?"


Rain on green grass
and rain on the tree.
Rain on the rooftop,
But not on me!

Need: Optional: pair of sticks (wood dowelling)

Read the book "Who is tapping at my window?" by Alhambra G.Deming.
Children can tap hands on knees or use sticks while repeating the line,
'Who is tapping at my window?' after you. Also works great as a
feltboard story, or with stuffed animals/puppets and act out the story
with the group. Children love the rhyme and repetition of this story and
solving the mystery at the end! Contributed By: Linda McDade


It's raining, it's pouring (Nursery Rhyme) color page

Umbrella dot-to-dot (numbers 1-29)

Duck with Umbrella color page

Match the Umbrellas
Alphabet cards

*Lesson Plans

Water Sourcebooks (K-12)
From the EPA.









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