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Layers of the Rainforest
(tune: If you’re happy and you know it)

There are four layers in the rainforest.
4 Layers!
There are four layers in the rainforest.
 4 Layers!
Forest floor (crouch down), understory (stand up and bend over slightly), canopy (stand and put your arms over your head like an umbrella), emergent (stand on toes and reach up high).
There are four layers in the rainforest.


Create A Tree

Have the children make their own great kapok tree. Cut at least 3 long sheets of butcher paper. Cut them as long as 6 feet. Draw a tall tree on each paper. Lay thom on the floor and have the children color them. Hang the trees up on the rainforest wall. Encourage the children to add details such as vines hanging down off the trees.


Use brown grocery bages to create vines. Fold the paperbag into thirds or fourths and cut into strips about 1 1/2 inch thick. Twist the bag as if you were wringing out a wet towel. Staple 2 or more twisted strips to make long vines.


Have the children create flowers and leaves for a rainforest wall using construction paper.


Copy the sloth coloring page. Have the children color and cut out their sloths. Hang their sloths from the vines on the rainforest wall.

Sloth color page

Sloth & Toucans color page

*Group Time

Need: Bag with small animal figures inside.

Song: We're going through the jungle,
We're going through the jungle,
What can we see? What can we see?

Sing this while using hands on knees to keep the beat but also imitate feet walking through the jungle. Have a child pull out an animal from the bag. Then either sing a song about this animal or tell a story or just discuss. Have fun! Contributed by: Margaret Louden

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