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Sea Serpents

Sea Serpent

Myths from around the world tell of gigantic sea serpents. Well known tales of sea serpents are the Scandinavian legend of the kraken and the Loch Ness monste in Scotland. Although tales of sea serpents have existed for thousands of years, no such creature has ever been captured.

Many of the sea serpent tales have the characteristics of actual marine animals. For example, the Giant squid has many of the charteristics of sea serpents when swimming on the surface of the water with its enourmous arms trailing behind it.

Adventures to Read

Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters
Read about mystery monsters.


Sea Serpent

Simalar to London Bridge. Children form a line putting their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them. Two children make a bridge that the line of children will march under. Begin singing "The sea serpent, sea serpent of the sea, everyone wants to pass". On the last word the bridge comes down and anyone captured is out of the game. When all are caught the game ends.

Things to Do

Simple Sea Serpent Paper Craft
Simple Sea Serpent Paper Craft
Print the templates

Sea Serpent color page (click the picture)

The Sea Serpent and Me

The Sea Serpent and Me
by Dashka Slater

The Sea Serpent and me party guide with craft, activity, snack ideas and more.(pdf)

Have A Sea Serpent Party! (pdf)

Lesson Plans

National Geographic-Sea Monsters
Lesson Plans grades 3-12

Recommended Book

Summer of the Sea Serpent (Magic Tree House (R) Merlin Mission)
by Mary Pope Osborne

From underwater caves to a Spider Queen, from mystical selkies to a magical sword, this is a Magic Tree House adventure with Jack and Annie as they seek a magical sword for Merlin.


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