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Stamp with Sponges
Need: tempera paint, sponge pieces, large leaves, interesting paper cutouts, flat flowers, construction paper.

Place a leaf, cutout, or a flower on paper. Apply paint to the end of the sponge. Use a paintbrush. Dab paint around the edge of the shape. Make sure some of the paint gets on the paper. Apply a different color of paint to the sponge. Dab around the edges of the shape.

Lift the shape to reveal the print. Place cutouts or leaves in rows. Dab paint around them with a sponge. Can use this method to decorate posters, gift boxes, or bulletin boards.

Stamp with Stencils
Need: magazine pages, tempera paints, sponge pieces, construction paper.

Fold and cut out shapes from magazine pages. Some folding methods to try: Fold paper once and cut out a half-shape, like a heart. Fold the paper in half, in half again, and once more in half. The folds should be in the same direction. Cut out a half shape from the side with the large fold.

Unfold the stencil you cut. Place the stencil on paper. You can tape the stencil down. Dip the sponge into paint. Lightly dab the sponge over the stencil. Make sure paint covers the edges. Lift the stencil. Try different folding techniques to make cool designs.

Use small stencils to make stationery, note cards, or gift wrap. Make larger stencils to decorate posters and bulletin boards.

Unusual Stamp Ideas

Press your thumb in ink and stamp away. Notice the patters different thumbs and fingers make. Make animals out of your thumbprint. Use the thumbprint as the body and draw whiskers, feet, or ears with a pen. Try toe prints!

Use other objects to stamp neat designs. Roll a toy car in ink. Zoom it across a big piece of paper.

Try many different objects (leaves, pine cones, twigs, feathers, bottle caps, sponge pieces). Make designs. Which kinds of materials make the best stamps?

*Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps
Need: paper, ball point pen, inner tire tube, wood scraps, tacky glue.

Trace a block letter or a design (use small cookie cutters or stencils) onto a piece of paper. Cut out the paper pattern . Trace with a ink pen around the pattern onto the inner tire tube rubber.

Cut out from the inner tire tube rubber the design you traced. Mount and glue onto a wood scrap. Make sure the letter or design is backwards on the wood. Let the rubber stamp dry overnight. Use stamp letter with tempera paints or a stamp pad.

Make Berry Inks
Need: 1/2 cup ripe berries (blackberries, blueberries, cherries), 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon vinegar, strainer, cheesecloth.

Put the berries in a strainer and then place the strainer over a bowl. Crush the berries with a spoon. Let the juice drip into the bowl. Strain the juice through a cheesecloth. Add salt and vinegar and stir. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of water if the ink is to thick. Store the ink in a jar with a lid. Use the ink in stamping projects.

*Postage Stamps

Collect Cancelled Postage Stamps

Ask family and friends to save their envelopes for you. Tear off the corners where the stamps are mounted. Be sure not to tear the stamp or any of the paper under it.

Soak the stamps on paper in a pan of cool or warm water. Soon the paper will separate from the stamp. The paper will sink to the bottom. Remove the paper with tongs or tweezers. Throw the paper away.

Lay a telephone book or a heavy, flat object over the stamps. Allow them to dry. Sort the stamps into categories you have chosen. Mount the stamps in an album.

*Sites to See

Canada Stamps
View Canadian stamps and learn their history.

For each stamp series there is background information on the subject of each individual stamp and links to related sites. A great variety of stamps are featured; from Prehistoric Life to Dogs of Canada.

This site is available in Francais.


Paper towels act as a stamp pad when tempera paint is poured on top of them.

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Make Stamp Jars
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