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Feely Bug

Cut a large bug shape out of construction paper or oaktag. Have children glue various materials ont the bug ((sandpaper, corduroy, styrofoam, velvet, yarn, cotton balls, felt)

*Group Time

Don't Step on the Ants

Cut out circles and draw an ant on each circle (an ant is 3 circles with 2 antennae and 6 legs). Make a path on the floor with them. Have children walk through the path without stepping on the "ants". Add more ants to the path as children become more skilled.

Guess The Insect

Show picture of insects such as a bee, a grasshopper, and an ant. Have children imitate you as you demonstrate the movement of each insect. For example, buzz around the room with arms extended for a bee, hop around on two feet for a grasshopper, and crawl around on all fours for an ant.

Take a child to the side and show him/her a picture of one of the insects. Have the child move like that insect and the other children guess which insect is being acted out.

Print pictures of a bee, a grasshopper, and an ant.
A new window will open. Before printing under File in Page Setup set margins to zero.


Bug Idntification

Cut from magaiznes pictures of various bugs (spiders, bees, flies, mosquitoes, ants). take the pictures outside with you and the children. Ask the children to go on a "Bug Hunt) to see if you can find creatures that match your pictures.


Ants On A Log

Spread peanut butter in a piece of celery. Place raisins on the peanut butter.


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