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Fall Winds

Fall winds begin to blow
(purse lips to blow)
Colored leaves fall fast and slow
(flutter hands down)
Whirling, twirling all around
(turn yourself around)
And at last, they touch the ground
(touch the floor).


Fall Leaf Hanging

Set out a variety of colorful fall leaves. Give each chaild a 6 to 10 inch square of clear self-stick paper with the backing removed. Let the children arrange the leaves on the sticky sides of their squares.

When each child is finished, place a second clear self-stick paper square over the first squae and seal the edges well. Punch a hole at the top of each squre and add a loop of yarn. Arrange the leaf hangings in a window.

Leaf Spray
Need: Leaves, Spray Bottles, tape, Paper,Water colors

Fill Several spray bottles with fall colored water colors.
Tape leaves to the paper and spray away. When children are
done take leaves off and see the results. Contributed By: Missy

*Learning Centers

Science Table

Fall Walk

Give each child a paper bag that contains stickers and crayons. Have the children decorate their paper bags and print each childs name on their bag. Go for a walk and collect: leaves, acorns, moss, etc. Upon returning to your room have children take turns showing what they have collected. Place the items on display on the science table.

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