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Need: Construction paper, stickers or stamps, scissors, glue

Take a precut red barn and have the children cut open the doors and fold them open. Glue the barn on green contruction paper and have the children use rubber stamps to put animals in the barn and outside the barn. You could also use animal stickers if you had a lot of those.
Contributed By: Danielle

Farm Chick
Need: glue tray, yellow cotton balls, paper chick shape

Teacher traces and cuts out yellow chick shapes.
Or print the chick picture.
The toddler takes a cotton ball, dips it into the glue tray (just enough glue to cover the bottom) and sticks the cotton ball onto the chick shape.

Instead of using glue you can give the toddler a small paint brush and
liquid starch in a small bowl (or paint cup). Have the toddler paint the liquid starch on a chick outline then place cotton balls onto it.
Contributed By: Cheryle Stevenson

*Group Time

Find It

Show the children three object one of which is a farm animal (ie. block, round toy, horse). Cover the objects with a blanket, ask one of the children to feel the objects without looking at them and ask the child to give you the horse. Then ask for the other objects.










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