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Will You Be a Friend of Mine
tune: London Bridge

Have the children form a circle and sing the song.

Will you be a friend of mine?
Friend of mine? Friend of mine?
Will you be a friend of mine
And come along with me?

Yes I'll be a friend of yours,
Friend of yours, friend of yours,
Yes I'll be a friend of yours
And go along with you.


Puzzle Area


Take photos of the children playing. Glue each photo to a piece of posterboard and cover both sides with clear contact paper. Cut each photo into 2 or 3 simple puzzle pieces and place in an envelope. Let children take turns selecting a photo puzzle and putting it together.



Family Picture Tree

Cut from magazines pictures of Daddies, Mommies, Brothers, and Sisters. Give each child a tree shape and paper leaves. Have them paste individual pictures of Daddies, Mommies, Brothers, and Sisters onto the paper tree and leaves.

Family Graph
Need: Silhouettes, or magazine pictures of mother, father, baby, brother, sister. Large poster board with each family member's picture across the top and the children's names written on the left side. Small squares.

Work individually with the children and ask about each person in the family (Do you have

a mommy). If yes, help the child place a colored square next to her name under "mother." Give each child silhouette patterns needed to make his/her own family and construction paper.

House Collage

Provide an assortment of magazine pictures of household objects. Hold them up and ask the children to identify them. Have the children select objects they want and paste these onto a paper house shape.









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