Thanksgiving (USA)



Two little legs jumping all around
But when I pray my legs sit down
Ten little fingers wiggle every way
But I fold my hands when I pray
One little mouth to softly say
Thank You God for making me this way
Contributed by: Mary Rose

Bulletin Boards

Barnyard Turkeys

On bulletin board paper draw a barn with a fenced in area(large oval around the paper) for the barnyard. Paint children's hands using brown, yellow, red, and orange. Have the children make prints all over the barnyard. Draw on feet and wattle or make thumbprint wattle. Put children's names under their print.

Thankful Cornucopia

Display a large cornucopia on the bulletin board. Write each child's name on a folded piece of construction paper and ask them to list what they are most grateful for, inside, Pin them to the inside and trailing out of the cornucopia. Title on bulletin board, "We are thankful for...".

Thanksgiving Color Pages

Thanksgiving Alphabet Color- PDF

Thankful For... (general and Bible verses color pages

Thanksgiving color pages
10 pictures to print and color.

Coloring pages, recipes, web activity, and more.


Blessing Boxes
Create blessing boxes to show what you are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.

Make A Pilgrim Hat Candy Cup

Make A Thanksgiving Placemat


Thankful writing paper (younger child)

Thankful writing paper (older child)

Tiny Titles: Write a Little Book

Thanksgiving words (pdf) (school-age)

Thanksgiving worksheets and games
Math, wordsearch, crossword, coloring pages, and more.

Learn More About Thanksgiving

The Crossing of the Mayflower (map & quiz)


Thanks for Thanksgiving
by Julie Markes

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