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My Body Makes Music

Have everybody stand up, the song starts:
My boody makes music its easy you can see, My body makes
music its easy you can see.
My feet my feet go ( stomp feet on the floor),
My hands my hands go ( clap hands together,
My mouth my mouth goes ( point to mouth and sing la la
My body does the cha cha cha ( do a little wiggle).
Contributed by: EM


Streamer Sticks

Older twos can help make streamer sticks. Using paper towel tubes, have toddlers use

crayons to decorate. Cut crepe paper into streamers and tape a few to each of each tube.

After the streamer sticks are dry introduce the sticks to the children. Let each child experiment with moving it around. Play slow and fast music for the children to dance to. Direct children's attention to the speed of the music, "Wow, this music makes me want to move my stick very fast (or so soft I want to move very s l o w l y)."

*Group Time

Jingle Dance

Securely fasten large jingle bells to toddler's shoes and let them make music as they dance.

Freeze Rhythmn
Need:: tamborine and rhythm sticks

Teacher sits in the middle with the children standing in a circle around her. The teacher taps a steady slow beat on the rhythm sticks and the children walk around the circle. When the teacher hits the tamborine, they freeze. Then when she taps a fast beat with the rhythm sticks, the
children run (or march) around the circle. Then the teacher taps the
tamborine and they freeze. The teacher can vary the order
of fast of slow tapping. Contributed by: Angie


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