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Where is that sound?
Need: Alarm clock with a loud ticker or a tape recorder with a loud noise--recorded previously for several minutes

At Circle show the children what the clock or recorder and have them listen to the sound it makes. Then have them close their eyes and one child can hide the alarm clock or recorder (push play on recorder) somewhere in the room. The others have to use their hearing to locate the item. Who ever finds it can then hide it again.
Contributed by: Ashley


What's New

Toddlers love surprises. Each day, bring in a new item (box, laundry basket, beanbag chair). Let the toddlers look around each day as they arrive and find the new item.

Color Viewer

Cut an opening in a sturdy paper plate and tape colored cellophane over the opening. Make one for each child. If you use different colors of cellophane the children can trade and view the world through different colors.

 Let the children look through the opening in their plate. What does the room look like? What do you look like?


Sandpaper Cinnamon Sticks

Directions:: This is a very simple activity, I did it in my Toddler
Class. 18-36 months.
Give each child a piece of sandpaper (tape to table if
needed) and a cinnamon stick. Show them how to rub it on
the sandpaper to make it smell.
(You could also cut the sandpaper into a shape or whatever
else you want)
Talk about the things listed below

This activity could also be used to promote all 5 Senses.

Hear: listening to the stick rubbing on sandpaper.
Smell: smell the cinnamon as they're rubbing it on the
Taste: taste the cinnamon stick.
Touch: the sand paper and cinnamon stick.
See: finished project
Contributed By: Christa

Magic Bag
Need: Fun things like: balls, blocks, toys and fruit

Get toddlers to reach into magic bag and pull out an item.
Toddler and teacher must say what the item is.
Contributed By: Sharyn Edwards

Paint & Salt
Needed: white paint, table salt, construction paper (Black/Blue)

Give each child a piece of paper (tape paper to the table). Place smocks on the children and place a small amount of paint on the paper. Add about 1/4 teaspon of salt onto the paint. Let the children feel the texture the salt adds to the paint.
Contributed by: Tammy

Shaving Cream

Take a wet paper towel and wet the table first. Place smocks on the children and place a small dollop of shaving cream onto the table. Encourage children to cover the entire surface of the table with the shaving cream.

Wet and Dry
Need: Deep tray (1 for each child), sand, sand toys, cups, water, newspaper

Cover a table with newspaper. For each child place a tray with sand on the table. Place cups of water next to each sand tray.

Have the children take the cup of water and slowly pour it into their sand trays. As the texture changes discuss the changes (It must be getting wet). Describe how it must feel (mushy, cold).


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