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Five Little Flowers

Five little flowers standing in the sun
(hold up five fingers)
See their heads nodding, bowing one by one
(bend fingers one at a time)
Down, down, down
Comes the gentle rain
(raise hands, wiggle fingers, and lower arms)
And the five little flowers
Raise their heads again
(hold up five fingers)


Spring Pastels

Give each child a piece of pastel-colored chalk(light green, pink, yellow, light blue). Be sure that two children are using the same color of chalk. Have the children create a picture on drawing paper. When finished, let each child take a turn finding the other picture that was done in the same.

Muffin Cup Flowers

An easy flower to make is to use paper muffin cups. The children flatten the paper muffin cup and glue it on blue construction paper. That is the flower. Then the children add green paper stem and leaves (can use pipe cleaners).

Birds Nest

Give each child a large piece of paper cut in the shape of a nest. Have the children tear brown paper and paste these onto the nest shape. Give the children string or yarn pieces to paste onto the torn brown paper. Then give the children precut egg shapes to paste on top of the nest.

Rain Cutting

Have children cut pieces of white construction paper or aluminum foil. The children then glue these shapes onto black or blue construction paper as raindrops.

*Other Sites

Flower Prints From Plastic Bottles from InnerChildFun
Dip a empty bottom of plastic bottle into a pan of paint. Stamp paper to create flowers. Use the cap of the empty bottle to make the centers of the flowers (dip cap in paint and stamp center of flower).




Bubble Fun

Place a tub of water on the table with non-toxic liquid soap in it. Give each child a straw and show the child how to blow out. They will suck in instead of blowing out. Place the staws in the tub and blow to create bubbles. Get for development of muscles used for talking.


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