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*Air Transportation

*Group Time

People On The Airplane
Need: toy airplane with "little people" (like fisher-price)

At circle-time, give each child a little person to hold while you show them the airplane. This will keep their hands busy as you name the different parts of the plane and demonstrate how it flies "up" in the shy.
Call each child's name and let them help their person board the plane.

This appeals to toddlers' natural "putting in and taking out behavior" and helps them learn to take turns. When the plane is full, fly it to the block area. (Be sure to have more than one airplane available during center-choice time).

Our class especially enjoyed singing "the people on the airplane song" as we did this. Several of toddlers pretended their person was the "baby on the plane" and they sang Waaa! Waaa! Waaa! and Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!
Contributed By: Julie W.

*Road Transportation

Painting a box for a school bus
Need: a big cardboard box so i child can fit inside, paint

This might take a few days but my kids love it! Have them help paint the box yellow, black, whatever color you want to make a school bus. At circle time, each child gets a turn to ride inside the bus and tell everyone where he is going
Contributed By: Diane E. Hart

*Rail Transportation

My Shape Train

Give each child a piece of white construction paper. Give the children different colors of construction paper (precut) rectangles and circles. Assist the children in laying the shapes out in a train pattern on their papers. Glue in place.

*Water Transportation


tune: Frere Jacques

Boats are sailing, boats are sailing,
In the sea, in the sea.
Floating all around us, floating all around us,
Look and see, look and see.

As the children sing the song have them move around the room pretending they are boats sailing on the water. At the end of the song show the children how to pretend to look out in the sea and see boats.


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