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Republic of Turkey
Turkiye Cumhuriyeti in Turkish

Things to Know

Turkey is a land bridge connecting Europe and Asia.

Capital: Ankara

Southwestern Asia
(the part west of the Bosporus is sometimes
included with Europe)

97% of Turkey is in Asia and this part is called Anatolia or Asia Minor; 3% is in Europe which is called Thrace. Although 97% of Turkey is located in Asia, in many respects it is accepted as a European country. Turkey takes its place in nearly all European contestsand associations.

Turkey is a country located at a point where the 3 continents of the old world (Asia, Africa and Europe) are closest to each other and where Asia and Europe meet.

Turkey is one of the most earthquake-prone areas
FEMA for Kids: Earthquakes
Stories, recipe (Tasty Quake), games, and more.

Ethnic groups:
Turkish 80%, Kurdish 20%

Muslim 99.8% (mostly Sunni), other 0.2% (mostly Christians and Jews). Although 99% Muslim, Turkey is a secular state. There is no state religion.

Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek


The beautiful Van cat is a native of Turkey: it has pure white fur and different-colored eyes - one blue, one green. You're likely to see cattle, horses, donkeys, goats and sheep throughout Turkey. Turkish shepherds are proud of their, Kangal sheepdogs which guard the flocks from wolves . Bird life is exceptionally rich with eagles , vultures and storks, as well as rare species such as the bald ibis .

Turkish Angora Cats -One of the most ancient and purest longhaired cat breeds ever discovered.

Angora Rabbits originated in Ankara, Turkey.

Denizli Rooster
The Denizli rooster has been raised in Denizli since ancient times.

Caretta-Caretta -A Mediterranean Sea turtle that has been added to the protected species list.


The Black Sea Region has a steep, rocky coast with cool waters and rocky mountains. The Black Sea coastal strip is covered with hazelnut trees . Turkey produces 65 percent of the world's hazelnuts.

Sinop which has been a port for 1000 years and is still one of the biggest in the Black Sea.

The Rumeli Fortress
Built in 1452 by Sultan Mehmet II prior to the conquest of Istanbul

Aegean Region
The Aegean region consists mainly of rolling plateau country well suited to agriculture with olive groves, rocky crags and pine woods. The Aegean region has a mild climate of wet winters and hot, dry summers. Izmir is the gateway to the Aegean region.

Mediterranean Region
The narrow coastal plains of the Mediterranean region is separated from Anatolia by the Taurus Mountains. Fertile soils and a warm climate make the area ideal for growing citrus fruits, grapes, figs, bananas, various vegetables, barley, wheat, and, in irrigated areas, rice and cotton.

Anatolian Plateau
Stretching inland from the Aegean coastal plain, the plateau-like, semiarid highlands of Anatolia are considered the heartland of the country.

Central Anatolian Region Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake)

Derinkuyu Underground City -The underground cities have about 8 stories dug into the earth.

Pontus and Taurus Mountains

The Pontus Mountains in the north are an interrupted chain of folded highlands that generally parallel the Black Sea coast. The southern slopes--facing the Anatolian Plateau--are mostly unwooded, but the northern slopes contain dense growths of both deciduous and evergreen trees. The Taurus Mountains are the westernmost branch of the great mountain chain that stretches across all of Asia -- the Himalayan mountain belt.

Taurus Mountains

Eastern Highlands
Eastern Anatolia, where the Pontus and Taurus mountain ranges converge, is rugged country with high elevations and a severe climate (severe winters with heavy snowfalls). The region is known as the Anti-Taurus. Mount Ararat , at 5,166 meters the highest point in Turkey, is located in the Anti-Taurus.

Turkey's largest lake, Lake Van , is situated in the mountains at an elevation of 1,546 meters. Lake Van originated in 1441 from the explosion of the Nemrut volcano.

Most of eastern Anatolia comprises the area known historically as Kurdistan. Nemrud Dagi - Photographs, descriptions, and history of this terraced mountain in eastern Anatolia.

Arabian Platform
The Arabian Platform is in southeast Anatolia south of the Anti-Taurus Mountains. It is a region of rolling hills and a broad plateau surface that extends into Syria.


Mysteries of Çatalhöyük
Explore an archaeological dig through games, activities and other experiments at this site about a 9,000 year old village found in modern-day Turkey.


Hodja and the Mixed-up Feet

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938)
A national hero and founder of the Turkish Republic.

Fun Facts

Camel Wrestling
While the Spanish have bullfights, the Italians cockfights, and the English go hunting with hounds, the Turks have camel wrestling

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The Ottoman state rose to become a world empire, which lasted from the late 13th century to 1923. This site seems to have everything about the Ottoman Empire. It is geared toward adults.


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