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Gloves, Gloves, Gloves
(tune: Three Blind Mice)

Gloves, gloves, gloves,
Gloves, gloves, gloves.
I'm in love, with my gloves.
They are what I like to wear,
Especially in the cold, cold air,
I like to take them everywhere
Gloves, gloves, gloves.


Mittens & Hats
Cut sponges into mitten and hat shapes. Use a clothspin to create handles.
Provide trays with paint on them. Have children dip the sponges in the paint and creating prints on construction paper.

Need: Brown, black paint, white paper, eyes. pom pom,glue

Take the child's shoe off and, put brown paint on the bottom of their foot and place the painted foot on construction paper, clean the foot off. Then put black paint on the child's hands and place at the top of their footprint. Place their hand on top to make antlers. When the paint has dried put glue where the eyes and nose will go so the child can place the eyes and pom pom on. Contributed By: Jennifer


Bird Feeder
Need: Floral wire, Large open pine cone--one for each
child, Peanut butter, Bird seed, Plastic bag--one for each child

Tie the floral wire around and close to the inside of the
top ring of the pine cone. Give each child a pine cone.
Spread peanut butter on the pine cone and then roll, or
gently shake in a container, of bird seed. Provide
plastic baggies for child to transport bird feeder home.
Contributed By: Sue



I'm a Little Ice Cube
(tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little ice cube, frosty and square,
I make things icy cold everywhere.
If it gets too warm, I better watch out,
"Cause I will melt, there is no doubt.


Ice Cube Painting

The day before place water in ice cube trays. Cover the tray with aluminum foil. Cut small slits in the foil and place ice cream sticks or craft sticks through the slits in the foil covering the ice cube trays.

Give the children heavy paper with powdered tempera paint sprinkle on it. Have the children run their ice cubes over the powdered tempera paint. Lay folded paper towels on the table for the children to lay their ice cubes onto.


Ice Cube Racers

Use food coloring to make different colors of water. Place the colored water into ice cube trays. Set up an ice cube race track by placing a smooth board on a chair. Set out the ice cubes. Let the children choose their ice cube, put it at the top of the race track and watch it race down to the bottom.



Falling Down

Snow Snow
Falling Down (move hands, like falling snow)
Quietly, quietly (move finger to mouth-sh)
It covers the ground (move hands back and forth and smooth).


Snow On The Roof

Give each child a piece of paper with the shape of a house drawn on it.
Lay out small containers of glue with paint brushes. Have the children dip the paint brush into the glue and brush the glue on the roof and along the ground of their picture.

Give the children cotton balls to place onto the rooftop and along the ground of their papers for snow.

Glitter Decorations
Need: glitter, meat foam trays (can use wax paper), glue

Have the children make a design with glue on the meat foam tray. Sprinkle glitter over the glue, being careful to keep the glitter away from eyes. Let the glue day (24 to 48 hours). Lift the decorations from the tray and attach a piece of yarn. Ready to hang on a tree!

*Learning Centers

Snow Fun
Place snow in the sand/water table with buckets, measuring spoons, and small shovels. If they want to let them wear mittens while they play.


Melting Snow
Give each child a plastic container. Have the children fill the containers with snow. Let them bring the containers inside and place them around the room. Have the children check their containers periodically to see what is happening to their snow. What is snow made of?


Snowy Gelatin

Make gelatin. Distribute styrofoam cups to the children. Pour 1/2 cup of gelatin into the individual cups. Let each child add marshmallows to his/her own gelatin cup, counting as he/she puts them in. Let the gelatin harden in a refrigerator. Then enjoy the gelatin as a snack.


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